The Missing New Hero Deck

Everyone knows that there will be three more new hero decks. Everyone also has pretty much figured out that two of them will be Fashion and Rambler. However, I am pretty sure that I remember in all the run up to the first Kickstarter for Definitive Ed, that someone (I can’t remember if it was Christopher or Paul) said that Young Legacy was getting her own deck. That would be the third Hero. Anyone else remember this?

Also, I believe that She will be in the next box (which I believe will be all the Vengeance style villains). There are three boxes left. I believe that they will be Vengeance style, Cosmic and Oblivaeon. Oblivaeon will have Rambler, because he fits the “villian as hero deck” style better. The box before it will have Void Guard, so that the Sentinels and Void Guard don’t end up in the same box. Meaning that it is the cosmic one. And that Fashion is in it. And that leaves the Vengeance box for Young Legacy. She did take over being legacy for a while way before the RPG era.

To clarify:

FWIW Fashion is probably the most still in wishful thinking realm at this point, though she’s one of the most likely out of the various possibilities for the third spot.

Rambler is thought highly likely based on him suddenly being way more popular in flavor texts and his connection to Grimm combined with Grimm not having a nemesis icon revealed yet.

And finally the “Young Legacy is getting her own deck” deal is based primarily on Iron Legacy’s nemesis icon being a lantern with a feminine silhouette superimposed on top of it.


I’m not fully convinced on Fashion quite yet, probably about 30% on her. She shows up as Fashion in the late teens (around 2013 or 2014, if I recall), misses the Progeny event, and we’re not sure where she is during OblivAeon.

I’d like her, but they would have to draw heavily on Stylin’ Shirley before she became the character she is today, and I don’t know yet how active she is in her three-ish years as the hero Fashion.

We might start getting a lot of stories that’ll change that, but Im still skeptical as of now, it just doesn’t seem like she does much.

Rambler feels very likely though.

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The main reason I’m on the Fashion train is because I’m struggling to think of what other established heroes it could be. Isn’t it just our D-List episode heroes that have any real traction from who we’ve met in the podcast?

Like, I’d be on the Wipeout train, but I think she’s actually pretty unlikely. Casa-Nova’s just RPG era most likely. Fahrenheit X is even less likely than Wipeout.

There’s always the possibility of “brand-new hero we’ve never heard of” of course, but you can’t speculate there so might as well default to Fashion.

Yeah, Fashion seems like the default, but Darkstrife and Painstake/Alpha were sprung on us relatively close in time to the corresponding Kickstarter campaigns, so I wouldn’t be shocked if a new space hero appears as we get closer to the prospective space box.

True, but we knew about the Soul Twins. It was a surprise they got snuck in there, but they weren’t brand-new.

Similar with Alpha, she was initially new to us but got heavily hinted at prior.

I do wonder how long D&P were baking in the oven before we learned about them, probably for a while?

I think they said when I asked once in an Editors Note that they had something like 80% of the concept planned out when they did the episode, and the finer details were the actual live creation part. Can you imagine Christopher and Adam pretending to make something up on the spot? Never😛!

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The Underworlds episode was November 2021, the followup of actually creating the “linked babies” was in April 2022. So the exact backdate hinges on how premeditated you think the linked babies idea was in the first ep.

For Alpha, the Creative Process: Werewolf Stories episode we first heard about her was May 2021 and the RCR KS was March 2022.

So based on that… if it’s not Fashion I’d expect to hear about some hero we haven’t known about before hinted at a year or two before we expect the new box they’ll be in.

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I’m still not convinced on Young Legacy, myself.

I’m also still holding out for Fashion, at which point I will be all-in on DE. c_c

I feel like Iron Legacy’s nemesis symbol is pretty conclusive, unless they start giving variants unique nemesis symbols, which I will fight tooth and nail against in playtesting.


I am pretty sure that I remember in one of the interviews about definitive edition before the Kickstarter, that Christopher and Paul answered a question from someone saying that they would love to see Young Legacy get ser own deck, so they could play Legacy’s with their daughter. I cannot remember which one let it slip, but it was not refuted.

I watched everything back then, because I was originally against the idea of definitive edition. And I wanted to see why I should care. And I am glad I did.

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Also the first two new heroes kind of had to be sprung on us, because the whole idea of making new decks had just started. But now, they likely know what those heroes are going to be. And have the time to set them up.

My opinion regarding how late they can make a new thing for DE is related to The History of Sentinel Comics.

One can presume that anyone important enough to have a deck would be mentioned in this book. Granted, it’s continued to get pushed back, but my guess regarding it is that we’re not going to be surprised by characters appearing in the book before they discuss them anywhere else.

In short: anyone getting a deck will have been created by the time the text of the book is finalized and will likely be mentioned on the podcast before it ships.