The Survival Guide to Wagner Mars Base

Mars Wagner Base


  • Types of Cards: nothing special
  • Number of target cards: 3
  • Set: Base Game
  • Special Mention: Self Destruct Sequence is a special card that requires players to skip turns in order to slow the countdown pile. If it runs out, GAME OVER!
  • General Observations: This environment throws a number of things out, usually requiring a discard or a skipped turn to destroy the card. 
  • Groan Cards: Villainous Weaponry Increases damage dealt by villains. 
  • Dificulty rank - 2 (According to wiki)


 Villains with this environment


Heros with this environment

  • Heroes that destroy environment cards are helpful.
  • With Meteor Storm and Self destruct Sequence you have the ability to keep cards i play that would normally be destroyed at the start of your turn. Ground Pound and Take down could be played then if turn is skipped they can stay out indefinitely, keeping Self destruct sequence at bay.
  • Meteor Storm can provide turns of immunity to damage,(until a player skips a turn) to get set up, but can also give villain time for more targets.  Also Meteor Storm does not prevent targets from being destroyed. Cards like Final Dive can still be used to destroy targets. 
  • Mainainance Level requires the shuffling of each heroes trash in order to get rid of it. This hurts Tachyon. 

Anything I should add? Tips thoughts? Suggestions? Anything you suggest will added. Thanks for the help!


For types of cards you copied over items from your The Block post.  

It should be Self-Destruct Sequence not Time Sequence.  

My tips on this envruoment is that with Self-Destruct Sequence and Meteor Shower you have an ability to keep cards in play that would be destroyed at start of turn.   Basically you need Self-Destruct Sequence or Meteor Shower to come out.   Then on your following turn play a card like Take Down or Ground Pound.   On your following turn choose to slip your turn and those Ongoings will stay out.  With Self-Destruct Sequence you could keep out cards like that indefinitely and keep the Self-Destruct Sequence at bay.  

Meteor Shower can be a double edged sword -- it's saved me from Voss's minions a couple times and given me time to get set up, but it's risky letting them build up and skipping a whole turn to get rid of it can be painful.

(Also, careful when copying templates, I'm gonna guess "inmates and agents" is an artifact of that)

When discarding cards to destroy Pervasive Red Dust, consider discarding equipments you want to put into play, as each player gets to put one equipment into play from trash when it is destroyed.

Tachyon suffers with the maintence level, because of having to reshuffle her trash (and as a result, all of her burst cards) into her deck. With those in the deck, setting up as her is a lot more challenging

I usually try to have every hero have at least one equipment in play.  Red Dust then only becomes a nuisance for one round (everyone destroys an equipment, then recovers it) as opposed to wiping clean Absolute Zero or Bunker.


Yes.  Blinding Speed on the Maintenance Level is usually worth it.

Maintenance Level-> Red Dust is combo to watch out for.  If you reshuffle from Maintenance, the equipment you lost from Red Dust will no longer be in your trash to recover.

Another thing I found out the other day: Oxygen Leak played out of turn (e.g. Rook City is Mine). If you have no Environment destruction and there's 14 cards in the trash you're gonna get hurt.  A lot.

Self-Destruct Sequence's cards count as environment cards in play.  This has a number of consequences:

1) Ra's Scorched Earth counts all of them as part of X

2) Cards that destroy environment cards can destroy them.  This can be useful if Haka has Dominion out. This is problematic if they're being Terraformed by Omnitron.  If you destroy the Self-Destruct Sequence, then the cards are moved to the trash without being destroyed, thus not counting for either Terraforming or Dominion

3) If you are destroying all Environment cards and you destroy every card under the SDS before destroying the SDS, then you will lose before you get a chance to finish destroying the SDS.  At least one card must remain underneath at all times until it is destroyed.

This is video-game specific, but Wagner helps a *lot* for certain variant unlocks thanks to Meteor Storm. Having as long as you like to set up the conditions you need really helps, especially as many of them don't actually need you to win the round, negating the negative side of letting the opponent set up too.

Yes - this is a way for a hero who hasn’t yet played an equipment card to essentially play it out of turn.

Meteor Shower can be super-useful against villains who dish out a lot of damage but can't destroy your stuff or any environment cards (Plague Rat is a good example), because you just leave it in play till you're as set up as you want to be, then take it out and go nuts on the villains :D.

While Meteor Storm prevents damage, it doesn’t make things indestructible. You can can still use cards that out-right destroy villain targets.

For example, you can use Final Dive to kill one of Voss’s minions while in a Meteor Storm.

Thanks for the tips guys! I updated it.

Fire in the Biosphere can be great for teams with Ra, which can make them immune to its damage and let it hammer the villains. It's also fun to use with Absolute Zero once he's set up.

I always feel like “Fire in the Biosphere” should be a disco song or something.

Or an Ink Spots song.

Quick note; the edited version of the top post says "Meteor Shower can provide a turn of immunity to damage". Meteor Storm provides immunity for an indefinite amount of time, not a single turn/round; it'll stay out until a hero skips a turn, or environment destruction does its mojo.

Self Destruct Sequence's text just says "game over". Obviously, this means the players lose, but what if it didn't? What I mean is: if the whole base explodes, wouldn't everyone (including the Villian) die? So it would be a kind of "sacrificed victory", like in Spirit Island! The Heros die, but they still stop the Villian! It would of course be less of a victory, but still a victory. It would also introduce a new layer of strategy.


What 'y'all' think?

I mean, yeah, but it still kind of sucks for the players.

Now if you wanted to do some kind of campaign, that would be the point where the players have to pick up new heroes and continue the fight on Earth, in honor of those lost.

In many cases, the villain destroying the base is what they want, so it would be more of a "sacrifice loss" than a "sacrifice victory."  But also bear in mind that in comic books, the heroes virtually always win (eventually), so a battle in which the heroes lose is a big deal, even if the villain also "dies."