There's a one-shot online with Christopher playing Sentinels Comics

I haven’t seen this posted elsewhere, so I thought I would post it here!

The “One Shot” podcast is a show in which the host, James D’Amato, plays various RPGs with a rotating collection of guests, some of them frequent and some of them not. They’ve just started their latest game, which is a playthrough of a Sentinels Comics one-shot featured both Christopher Badell and Dave Chalker!

Link is here.

The format for One Shot is generally a single session broken up into anywhere from two to five parts, put out weekly in chunks of around an hour. Characters are introduced, game systems are described as they go, and it’s usually a lot of fun, so I’m looking forward to hearing this unfold.


“One of you chose the name ‘Dimwit’! Are we not having the same conversation?” XD

This is amazing, I cannot wait for more. Please keep this thread updated! :smiley:

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Part Two is up!

This one is pretty much all one fight scene, as our players get used to how their powers work during the Battle of the Diner. Everyone is doing great, but I’m especially enjoying getting to hear James and Christopher bounce off each other. They are clearly having such a great time.

It’s also neat to see a battle that’s entirely Lieutenants + Environment. I knew conceptually that you could build a villain team that way, but since most of the one-shots are built with full villains I wasn’t sure how it would play out.

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Part 3 up
I will just post the Sentinels RPG page

Sentinel Comics Archives - The One Shot Podcast

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oh dang, gonna have a lot of Sentinels stuff to listen to tomorrow! :open_mouth:

Part 4 is up

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Why do they keep posting on Tuesdays? D:

I think Tuesday is the release date for One Shot; they’re always going to come out that day!

Dracules validating Fright Train’s puns was the joy I didn’t know I needed in the world.

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Fright Train admitting he doesn’t know that much about trains made my day. :smiley:

Also, really can’t complain about having this today since the Letters Page isn’t up yet.