This is how you Violent Shivers

Since this thread is too old for even me to necro, I have to make a new topic to share the very cinematic ending to this one.

Miss Info and Greazer died due to Grenade Launcher and careful manipulation of Plague Rat, but Unity was a casualty of Zhu Long’s rampage. Having tutored the Transducer turn 1 and then spent the whole game drawing 3 cards from each of two Mysterious Ceremonies to get an NPCU or another Transducer, AZ finally found the missing Module, but he was on 1 HP. Unity could have activated Violent Shivers before his turn, but Modular Realignment deals fire damage first, so there’s no grabbing a discarded NPCU to start healing and save himself; he has to play one from hand as his whole play phase. Seeing no possible hope, he activated Violent Shivers and ended his turn.

Mysterious Ceremonies plays Master of the Temple.

Mysterious Ceremonies discards a poisoner.

Normal card play plays another Master of the Temple.

End of turn, with Zhu Long about to annihilate Zero, he uses the Ceremonies to play Hoarfire. He hits himself for two cold which becomes six cold which becomes healing. Deals four fire to the Rat. Deals 1 cold which becomes 5 cold to heal himself. He then deals himself 5 fire; this could be 9 healing, but with 12 incoming damage from ZL, he doesn’t care to play defense, so he deals another 7 to the Rat. With the second Ceremony, he plays Frost-Bound Drain for 5 more to the Rat. Had this not ended the game, Frost would have then taken 7 fire which would have killed him, thus preventing him from dealing another 7 cold or healing himself for 9.

The whole last-second come-from-behind victory was slightly undercut by the fact that Bunker was still standing, protected by Heavy Plating and thus in no danger from Zhu Long, only slightly at risk from the Rat, and very likely to win with a bonus power on Unity’s turn plus whatever TNAZ does while dead. But still, from 1 HP to 12 and then down to 7 while dealing 11 damage with a single card? This is what that version of Frost lives for.


I’ve had a similar game where I had trouble getting TNAZ to do anything until everybody was on the ropes (in my case, I got set up just fine, but it took forever to find any actual damage cards). Sat there with a fully-loaded out set of gear, but nothing to do with it. Then I finally started drawing into the good stuff and before I knew it he was dealing out loads of damage and was back at full health. He wound up the last man standing, but in no danger.

I had my own moment of awesome with TNAZ recently, when the random button gave me the following matchup: Setback, TNAZ, Greatest Legacy, and RW Mainstay against GW Voss on the Mobile Defense Platform.

I soon realized a problem: Setback only deals melee damage, Legacy only deals melee damage, and Mainstay mainly deals melee damage (with Headlock and Whiplash providing a little bit of projectile damage). But Voss’s ships are immune to melee damage…uh oh. The add the fact that Grandpa Legacy’s power, giving somebody else a power use, isn’t helpful at all with RW Mainstay until he gets a Void Belter in play, and not very useful with Setback until he gets Looking Up in play. I realized that I’d better hope that the ships didn’t come out anytime soon.

Sadly, I don’t have the play log (ah, iPad), but here’s what I remember: things didn’t start well, with a Guard and Tamar coming out early, but a Headlock helped clear them out. AZ got Sub-Zero Atmosphere in play, which was helpful, followed by both modules. But it wasn’t long until the Conqueror made its appearance (fortunately, SZA gave me a round to stall).

I made sure I had some sacrificial Ongoings around (so I wouldn’t lose SZA), and TNAZ used Violent Shivers. On Voss’s turn, 3 fire damage to TNAZ became 5, which became 7 damage to the Conqueror, so I figured I could take it down the next round…but the Voss played the Stalwart. Crap, two spaceships…

I don’t remember details for certain, other than that TNAZ used Violent Shivers on his turn, and Legacy let him use it again. But between fire damage from Voss and the Conqueror being balanced to keep AZ alive while dealing damage, plus Legacy playing Inspiring Presence, AZ survived the villain turn, then used a Hoarfire to blast both ships, finishing one off, heal himself, then blast the other to finish it off. Both ships in one round. Violent Shivers at its finest!

This matchup also resulted in another rarity for me: using Coolant Blast. It seems like there’s always something better to do, but it worked out well this game.


You sure like fighting Voss dontcha? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who doesn’t‽‽‽ :smiley:

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Voss is one of my favorite punching bags. In fact, I liked that matchup so much I’ve played it a couple more times, with interesting results.

Fun result: Conqueror comes out (after Sub-Zero Atmosphere), TNAZ uses Violent Shivers on his turn & Legacy’s turn, Mainstay puts a Headlock on something (Voss, the Conqueror…), and has Shard Strength. Villain turn comes, the Conqueror destroys an Ongoing, turning Headlock into 4 projectile damage, and 3 fire damage to TNAZ gets boosted to 7, which becomes 11 damage back to the Conqueror, and it goes down in … ice?

Less fun result, including a bug (which I’m about to report): I didn’t get a Translocator down quickly enough, so when MDP played a Mechanic (who is a minion), Voss plays a card: Forced Deployment. Crap. Things aren’t going well, and Legacy is incapacitated. On his turn, TNAZ uses Violent Shivers (so two Firesworn will let TNAZ heal). On TNAZ’s turn, he tries to use Violent Shivers, but at the end of his turn, instead of losing +2 from Legacy’s turn, he loses all +4. Hmmm…

I don’t think that’s a bug. Shivers lasts until “the end of your next turn”, so if activated on your own turn (even at the start of your turn thanks to Augmented Ally), it lasts through the end of your turn in the next round. But if activated on any other turn, it will last through the end of the upcoming AZ turn. So it sounds like it worked correctly.

If I were to rank the villains I love to beat up, Voss would be above the middle of the list, but he wouldn’t be super close to the top. His deck has too wide of a spread between the cards that ruin everything (Forced Deployment, the Ships, the Thorathians, the Guards especially on Advanced side A, maybe the Translocators, and the even just the minions who hit everyone) versus the cards that are pathetic (Gene-Bound Firesworn and the Qubrins). I have better outcomes with Citizen Dawn, oddly, but probably my most fun games have been with Kismet, Plague Rat, Apostate, Progeny, and Vengeance/VOTM games that exclude Bugbear and Baron Blade while including Greazer and Proletariat. I’ve also been having a lot of fun dealing with both versions of Gloomweaver lately. And of course there’s always Kaargra and OblivAeon, the sprint-sized and triathlon versions of a game that’s made of pure awesome funsauce, but not exactly normal.

Let me clarify: the battle is Setback, TNAZ, Greatest Legacy, and RW Mainstay against GW Voss on the Mobile Defense Platform.

On TNAZ’s turn, he used Thermal Shockwave, so no bonuses remain. On Legacy’s turn, I used his incap ability for somebody else to use a power, letting TNAZ use Violent Shivers, giving him +2. Mainstay, MDP, Voss, and Setback do stuff.

TNAZ starts his turn with the +2 still there from Legacy’s turn. He plays a card, then uses Violent Shivers again, temporarily giving him +4, but then his turn ends. It should get rid of one +2 (from Legacy’s turn), leaving him with +2 (from his turn), but it all goes away.