Tracking updates!

Just a note on that Spirit Island wasn't free shipping it was $9 for US.  Exoplanets which I'm expecting as well was free shipping though.  I'll admit though that I doubt $9 is enough for shipping those together.  


$9 isn't actually enough to ship either of them separately :)

That doesn't surprise me.  

I have some vague recollection that SmartPost is much worse in other countries (UK in particular), and that Greater than Games said they were moving away from that?

Incidentally, I just had to ship out a copy of Spirit Island (from a bulk order, where one participant had moved). I paid UPS $14 for that, matching up with Paul's comment that $9 was not enough. (Also note that was just the UPS charge, and didn't include, say, the boxes; I reused some of the boxes from the shipment to me.)

My current saga: the package left St Louis and arrived at a town 17 miles from my house at 4 p.m. local yesterday. It left that facility at 2:30 in the morning today, for parts unknown. Delivery estimate has always been next Wednesday.

I’m going to hope that’s the transition to USPS and I get it today or tomorrow! Given that some people are receiving theirs already, I figure that’s not out of the question.

I’m expecting both Sprit Island and Exoplanets, but I have one 15 lb box coming. I assume this is both of them together.

It should be as the Spirit Island box i received was noted as 6.60 poumds leabing some margin for other stuff.

Mine was delivered to my ex-wife today; she's dropping it off when she comes by to take the kids to Despicable 3.

Is it bad if I haven't even gotten a FedEx notification yet?  I hope that's not bad.

I find FedEx notifications (and FedEx in general) to be pretty unreliable. I only started getting notifications for this shipment because I logged into their site and checked my account (yes, it was already set up and I've gotten notifications for some other shipments). So, you may want to log in and see if those notifications are just sitting there waiting for you.

My package was on its way here, then inexplicably re-routed to Indiana, and then left Indy 48 hours ago with no status update since. Is Tim Cosing driving the truck, spelling out clues?

It’s here! It’s here!

Careful! Don't let the Prussians go stomping all over your house!

it was supposed to be here, but got delayed some how and couldn't get a cross the state over the weekend.  Tomorrow's mail can't arrive quickly enough (I want my lazer ryders too)


Yeah. I, whom work (sorta) for fedex, only got my notification when it was delivered. Go figure.

Got my notification for a 12 lb box from Greater than Games.

I just have to wait until Friday.




I'm going to play Lazer Ryders and Spirit Island till I puke.

I got it on Saturday before my game night. Hard to convince people to play a game you never read the rules on.

Played 2 solo and 2 games with friends. I Love the game very much, but I like busy games with a lot going on.

Side note i was supose to come Today.


my copy is supposed to be delivered tomorrow but I'm out of town until Sunday.   I hope no one takes that or any other packages we get.  

That sounds like it would be an…achievement.

Our copies arrived during the day. While I was at work, my wife tormented me by texting me pictures of Mr. Chomps munching on the Exoplanets box and making friends with Branch and Claw.

Without enough time to play after I got home, we dug through the contents. My very very first impression: wow, those invader sculpts are tiny!

Does anyone know if any of these have been shipped to international backers yet?

Fedex is notoriously bad down here. They'll find any excuse to drop a slip and run, and without a car its a 2 hour epic quest to find the warehouse to pick it up.

Define "shipped".

The international shipment was the first thing out of the GtG warehouse.  But I don't think that it's made it across the pond yet (or if it has, it's only just done so.)

All of the non-US orders have gone out, and some have started to be received.