Training Power Source Question?

Heyo. I’m making a hero with the Training power source. I was planning on giving them Elasticity, as the Archetype I chose allowed for powers from Self Control. I was just having trouble brainstorming how a Training power source character might have abilities like these. Any ideas?

Maybe it’s something similar to Dhalsim from Street Fighter where he trained in yoga enough to extend his limbs.


If you’re willing to stretch the definition of the power (no pun intended) Elasticity could cover very smooth, quick motions that let you move out to places and get back to your starting spot with surprising ease. Failing that, you’ll have to go slightly magical, probably, and say that you’ve trained in secret arts that allow you to manipulate space.

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You have trained hard but also drink a special soft drink.

DC comics Elongated Man

You’ve trained so hard that you’ve mastered your qi so much that you can use it to alter your physical form. Like this.