Twitch stream of Sentinels of Freeom by Adam's Sister!

Edit i had been watching it but now it's gone?! 

Magie mentined it when they were playing Exo-Planets 

Remember the cute goth girl is Adam's sister so let's limit talking about what a cute goth girl she is 

stream starts about 3 minutes in

not sure why first link went away but her is her account

it is easy enough to find the Sentinels video

Thanks for sharing, Sea-Envy! :-) 

I love that she's wearing a Play-Power-Draw shirt! X-D 

I think it's safe to say I'm not the intended audience for Twitch! The emotes that kept cropping up were annoying. Not a problem with the host, she seemed friendly and engaging enough (and woud be happy to see her join in on the GtG livestreams if she is a tabletop gamer), but the random sound effects that come up with Twitch donations etc were a bit much.

The game looks interesting, but I've picked up XCom Chimera Squad so will be going through that first. It'll be interesting to see if the game crosses over in to that audience

@ViolentSilence i shared the link before i started watching and was not a big fan of all the FX either. a lot of people call it Xcom like since its turn based tactics

@Rabit i told you on Youtube that I knew Rabit :) 

Yeah, I couldn’t watch very much of it. Too many and constant distractions… :-\

And I definitely recognized Sea-Envy! (In a good way. :wink: