Universe 1 Parse?

So, I’m mucking around with some character sheets for the Terror Forms one-shot, and I find myself unable to remember whether we’ve been given any information about Parse post-OblivAeon, aside from “a member of the Paradigms”.

Just before OblivAeon, Parse went Fugue State and got both kind of messed up and extremely analytical even by her prior standards, but have Christopher and Adam said anything in a podcast that I’ve forgotten about what she’s like in the Universe 1 era?

I think all we’ve gotten and what hasn’t been disproven yet is from her episode

  • Sentinel Comics Universe - she continues her friendship with Benchmark and joins the Paradigm team alongside him and Unity. This is what was alluded to earlier with regards to the “traffic controller” question as it kind of represents the writers finally figuring out what to do with her. She still gets out in the field occasionally, but more often she’s the person providing an overview and acting as a dispatcher of sorts for the Paradigms. She’s got a tablet here too, but she’s using it to control actual drones and whatnot so she can get a good view of what’s going on.

Okay, that makes sense! Lots of options there to play with until we learn more.

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The lack of specific info on Parse and Benchmark is more pronounced after the suggestion that players could run in Terror Forms as Parse or Benchmark.


Yeah, that’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and make my own pregens for when and if I run it. I figure I’ve got at least a few years until we learn what their actual post-Oblivaeon deal is, and whatever I write up will be reasonable. As long as I don’t actively contradict the bits of info we have I’m comfortable with it.

The even bigger question mark is the other member(s) of the Paradigms. It’s very odd that, as of Terror Forms, we still don’t know about them.


Especially because this is Issue #13, and they expect only Parse, Benchmark and/or Unity there.


Unfortunately, I didn’t expect to receive anything about the Paradigms’ two missing members, given how reluctant the creators have been to give even the slightest of hints about their existence until “more story comes out”.

I presume that they do, in fact, exist as of Issue #13, and the one-shot not including references to them is simply a case of keeping the spoiler being seen as more important that storyline accuracy. I think it’s a mistake, but it’s very much in keeping with how RPG details are given out. Because Terror Forms wasn’t part of the original plan, Christopher and Adam don’t want to have it reveal any details about the setting as a whole. (See also the general lack of detail about why the various supervillains who appear in it are taking part, and what their broader goals are; revealing those would presumably step on the books in which they’re ultimately intended to appear, so we need to wait for that, too.)