Untouchable + Push Your Limits Clarification

So, I just want to sanity check something.
Push Your Limits (I): You have no limit on amount of Reactions you can take. Each time you use a Reaction after the first one each turn, take 1 irreducible damage or take a minor twist.
Untouchable (R): When you would be dealt damage, roll a while in the Green zone, while in the Yellow, or while in Red. Reduce the damage you take by the value rolled. Attack another target with that roll.
If you somehow end up in a situation where you take damage from Push Your Limits, can Untouchable be used in reaction to the 1 irreducible damage?

Untouchable reduces damage based off your roll and the damage from Pushing the Limits is irreducible so this particular combination wouldn't stop the character from harming themselves.  

Yep. Which means, at the cost of 1 health per usage, you can repeatedly fire off Untouchable in response to the damage from Push Your Limits?

By what's written you can but there's certainly a limit.

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Definitely. Rules as written, if you have X hp before triggering Untouchable in response to taking the damage, you can theoretically trigger Untouchable at most X-1 times, at the cost of 1 health each time, and then 1 additional time if you want to take a minor twist.

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If you are worried - in practical use, this turns out much less OP than it looks.

Firstly, it is easily countered by a lot of small-damage instances (basically the opposite of the ‘armored’ trait).

And then, if used excessively, any GM will be quick to come up with a twist that mitigates that combo at the first opportunity.

However, getting this combo is not so easy in the first place, at least if you demand a somewhat convincing backstory from your players - in character creation / narrative mechanics, those two abilities are about as far apart from each other as can be. So we’re somehow back to the “Mr Superamazing” example mentioned in the creation foreword. You technically can go there, but you’ve been warned about shoehorning yourself some ‘ideal’ Hero.



Forgot to mention, both abilities are available in RED, so the fight is a mere few moves away from being decided. That is the right moment for a superawesome last stand thing, so why not! But it is far too late into the scene to set the course for much of the action.

And if you want to use that combo in YELLOW, that’s two minor twists per use in my book, so should rarely be worth it for a little damage avoidance.

You raise good points, especially with the combo only being easily available in the Red zone. However, I’d like to ask for some clarification as to what you meant by this being not so easy in the first place.
I accidentally built a character with these two abilities on their sheet when the first draft of the core rulebook released, and you can see them in the Rate My Build thread as the very first submission. I wasn’t intending for it; It just kinda happened. I didn’t realize that this combo was a thing until yesterday shortly before I opened this thread.

Edit: The character in question is also extremely unlikely to use this combo, despite it being an option for them, so maybe that’s what you were meaning?

Oops, my bad. I mixed this up with the combo on ‘push your limits’ + ‘like the wind’ that came up later in the rate my build thread, and which was more of an exercise in how OP we can get. That combo, while technically allowed by the RAW, requires an ‘the ancient relic made me a futuristic cyborg’ - type contradictory backstory*, and that was what I had in mind here.
So, apologies for the confusion about that point!

*There is, of course, the Guyver manga/movies; so anyone is free to argue I am completely wrong about this being contradictory anyway :slight_smile:

I would say that these don’t combo. Being “dealt” damage is not the same as taking damage. Essentially the Irreducible damage from Push your limits is a cost for taking extra reactions, but it’s not “dealt” to you from , say an attacker. The same for trying to combo Push your limit with other abilities triggered by being “dealt” damage.