Update on Tactics/Prime Wars?

The last update from Lore Forge Games was Feb 13th with a comment by them saying there would be a March update.  There was no March update or April.  All comments have to be approved and I asked for an update on the updates last Monday and the comment still hasn't been approved.  

At this rate I think GRRM will publish Winds of Winter before we ever see a new Sentinels Tactics game.  


Lore Forge was in town this week and we made a ton of progress on the rules and playtesting! At this point, you'll see a very close to final version of the Prime War rules at Gen Con with very preliminary art and graphic design. We are currently planning on having the game ready to send to the printer in Q1 2020.

I definitely agree that you'll see Winds of Winter before a new Sentinel Tactics game, since we do not plan on releasing any more Sentinel Tactics. However, I am fairly confident that Prime War will be released before Winds of Winter!

Thank you for the update Paul.  Tactics is fun and I am really looking forward to Prime Wars.  In all honesty, the revitalization of City of Heroes really has my super hero mojo going.  

Lore Forge posted and update today