***URGENT*** Trying to get a hold of someone from Dice Hate Me regarding Bottom of the 9th Shipping

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a number I can call.

And they decided to ship me my copy of Botton of the 9th using Fedex. To a residential address. For someone who lives alone. And has a job.

Forum mod, if you see this, can you PLEASE have someone give me a shout. Fedex refuses to change the delivery address without charging your company for it, which I obviously can't authorize. And if I can't get that changed within the next two days, it's going to be returned to you.



Heya. We've been gone to a convention, so we're still catching up on emails.

Thanks for your patience.

Two failed delivery attempts. One last one tomorrow will also fail as I am not home during business hours and they won't allow me to change the delivery address or specify a smaller delivery window to work around. So package appears like it will head back to you soon. Once you receive it, please be certain to ship it out via USPS/Canada Post instead. Thanks.

Can't you have FedEx hold it at a depot where you can pick it up?

It's all good, I got it! GTG approved my address change request with FedEx and they delivered it to my work.

Thank you, GTG!!

You're lucky, at least yours has shipped. I ordered it a month ago and I have no shipping or tracking information and I have called them twice. Can I get some help here? A couple of weeks ago they said on the phone they would ship that week and I still have nothing.


I checked with the warehouse, and your order went out. Has it arrived yet? If not, send me an email at paul@greaterthangames.com and I'll try to figure out what is going on.