Vigilance Actions: A Thread

Has anyone had amazing experiences with Vigilance Actions? Has anyone had them work in completly unforeseen ways? Throw it all here!

I discovered that Interceptor has a habit of making a character sprint across the entire map seemingly at random when enemies move, while still ending up close to them when their turn inevitably comes around. Makes a good combo with Tank; You usually end up close enough that changing stances back to engage up close and personal still let's you move to engage priority targets for Tackle.

Tackle is ludicrous. Something gets anywhere near you, you get to attack it, and it does loads of damage. Amazing for an attack named after the most basic Pokemon move. XD

It's kinda like Bunker's Overwatch. He seems to do more damage on his turn in Operations Mode, but I find setting him in Turret Mode in the middle of the field and just letting him machine gun everything in sight puts out more damage overall.

I made an Interceptor/Gadget character, and it's kind of amazing to plop a bunch of auto-turrets out and then end the activation in Interceptor stance. The guy shoots at everything! Melee bad guys don't get close to him! Yes, sometimes he runs all the way across the map. But the ability to place him in Gadget stance, spam out some distracting minions, and then end him in Interceptor and let him run around shooting saved my butt on the power station mission after the other heroes got knocked out. I just replaced Stalk with Chasing Attack for even more off-turn shooting. Hee hee hee!

I discovered the wonders known as Mark Target from the Interceptor. It has mid range, but the one it triggers on get's reduced accuracy, evasion, and attack power for 1 turn.

my first attempt at Salamander I went with Interceptor
Stalk is weird - in the bank we were in the office area behind the tellers and I ran all they way out to the big open area

Now that I figured out how to swap moves in the training menu I will try another Interceptor with out Stalk
also max out vigilance chance and range with back ground, personality, and power source.

Bunker using a cone AoE vigilance action is fun- “You weren’t even moving, too bad eat bullets”

I've had a lot of fun using grav bot with bunker. The forced move pulls enemies together and triggers overwatch fire.

Right now, my funniest vigilance action story seems to be how Wraith can't ever hit anything with her Throwing Knives...

Okay, it's not just my imagination then. Knife Throw seems to be pretty worthless, it almost never hits, and Wraith herself seems extremely underpowered, or at least unimpressive, compared to her teammates. Which is not something I ever thought I'd say.

I actually find Wraith to be quite powerful. She has a variety of damage types, solid mobility, and if the target is hit with an evasion debuff, Knife Throw suddenly becomes a pretty good way to get in some extra chip damage.

Her swing attack can one-shot a lot of enemies.  You just need to use her judiciously.

Yeah, what I'm learning with Wraith is that her problem is a lack of area-of-effect attacks. Since Underbite seems to like waves after waves of thugs, Wraith can get easily overwhelmed where almost any other hero can wipe out a whole group of bad guys at once. I'm coming to a style where I have Wraith grapple-swing her way in to quickly strike a key target, and then try to get her back out near someone with active vigilance effects. I've also switched her vigilance effect for basic reposition, to try and help her stay out of clumps of guys.

Well about the “waves of thugs” the characters in game say that it’s a crazy number of accomplices