Villains using Abilities to create Minions/Lieutenants

When a Villain has an Ability (such as Powerful Ally or Summon Mob from the Creator Approach) that uses Max, Mid, or Min die value to determine the die size of the Minion/Lieutenant created, are you supposed to:

  1. Use the chart under the Minion Maker Archetype on p. 87?
  2. Just use the value rolled? Presumably anything under 4 would round up to d4, put otherwise do you round up or down? For example, does a 7 round down to a d6 or up to a d8?
  3. Use the size of the actual physical die that ended up rolling the Min or Max value or whatnot? This seems to defy the note on the bottom of p. 21 that specifically says that size of the die producing the results doesn’t matter, but maybe Villains get to break the rules?

The first adventure that I’m designing features a villain that will be creating a bunch of Minions and Lieutenants (using the Creator Approach) and I want to make sure I properly understand how it works.

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It’s number 3. If I rolled a d8, d10, and d12 and got this as follows:
D8 rolled a 4
D10 rolled a 6
D12 rolled a 5
Then for Powerful Ally I would get a single Lieutenant that is a d10 in size since the d10 rolled what was the Max and that’s the size of that die.

This doesn’t contradict or defy the rule on page 21. Page 21 is just saying that your min, mid, and max values are determined by the values rolled in each of the die and not off the size of the die.