VivaJava Geekspansion rules?

I was recently going through some game storage and found my still shrinkwrapped Geekspansion punchboard from my Kickstarter rewards way back when.  I don't seem to have printed the rules, though.  Searches on Google and BGG lead to the same "dead" DHMG website page for a pdf of the rules (just a black background, but rules never load).  I'm guessing it's not being actively maintained since the merger.  Is it linked anywhere here?  Does anyone happen to have the pdf they can forward to me?

I might see somebody I know this afternoon that I know has VivaJava. Don't know if he has the expansion, but I'll see what I can find out.

Maybe try this:

Let me know if it doesn't work, I'm pretty sure I've got the file somewhere on my computer...

Same thing - I get a black screen that looks like a pdf should load, but nothing happens.

That's a problem on your end then, because it loads for me. It's only 1 page but it's there.

I'd considered that.  Any idea what it might be?  Something with the browser, I'm guessing.

I personally cannot help you much with this. Maybe try another browser...?

You could also tell me what's your BGG username and I could send you the file directly.

That would be great.  I'm spbtc.


I figured it out.  I had another tab open with a pdf on it, which had frozen or something in the several days since I last looked at it.  Once I closed that one the above link worked.

Cool! Enjoy! :)