Wacky Chases

I’ve read the book a few times, but I don’t think I recall seeing a section on chases! Now, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. But if I wanted to reenact, say, the chase scene from the Marvel Spider-Man video game where he has to swing chase a tank or the part where Captain America, Winter Soldier and Black Panther are all chasing each other in Civil War, I don’t exactly know how. I could probably knock together a. sort of…chase environment, I guess, but that doesn’t feel quite right. Has anyone put together rules for something like this? Or tell me where in the book I missed them because I’m foolish?

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I don’t remember anything specifically in the rule book, but Adam and Paul planned out a chase scene during the Season 2 GM Prep (Chase prep starts around 36 minutes ), and you can use that for inspiration.

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the most simple pattern I’ve been using is, the fugitive(s) create traffic-related challenges via overcome, which represent another obstacle they passed (call them ‘the railroad crossing’, the drawbridge right as it gets pulled up’ etc).
To close in, the follower(s) have to overcome said challenges (representing driving stunts etc.)
Don’t bother too much with who’s actually doing the driving - consider both parties as one unit each, wherein anyone can overcome, and the others can boost, attack, hinder etc.

Balance by giving Npc specific boosts, or add extra minions accompanying them, and how much of a headstart you give them.

Whenever there are (X) or more traffic challenges unresolved, the fugitives have escaped.

Nice side-effect is that together with Gyro, this results in a double-timer that makes everybody keep their focus, while there is a lot of room for creative driving shenanigans.

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