Weekly Challenge #322 - "My Bloody Valentine"

Mint, but it was a close one! The challenge mode of Citizens H&A is seriously annoying, and Sergeant Steel had incredible luck in the opening; it took forever to get any Agents killed, and if not for Sky getting big in the early game - which meant having little Power utility until the Environment ramped up - I would have been quickly slaughtered. Once my Thorathian Monoliths were gone, the game was a massive struggle, and I was in the single digits when things finally started to turn around.

Thanks to an Aggression Modulator on the Angry mob, the previously intact villain team lost Bastion Anvil (he got better of course, but minus his Position), Friction, and the thoroughly beaten Sarge in a single turn. (Sarge’s last play was Hold the Line, with him all alone and at 1 HP; I guess he only brought so much luck with him, and blew it all on the devastating opener.) Sadly, without the far-into-negatives Shock Dampeners, Dame Katerina was able to take out Haka, and he turned out to be completely useless in this match as an Incapacitated hero. But with only one and a half villains left, and with Unhallowed Halls preventing them from healing while SS got big again, the rest was just a mop-up operation.

Interesting, I never saw Bastion and yet I still got creamed. D: This was one of those cases of not really knowing what I could have done better. I maybe had one misplay, and the rest was just a slow but steady beatdown.

So close to mint on 1st try but I messed up and let Skyscrapper die under Monolith.

Ultimately I focused Steel down from turn 1 and killed him before his 3rd turn.

Since his agents will never die in Challenge mode I took him out and his agents just sort of gave up i guess.

He was carrying their payroll, so…


Thanks! Just that much guidance helped me focus enough in the second attempt. Steel went down either before his second or third turn; I can’t recall exactly which. His incap isn’t really that big a threat.

Boy, did the remaining villains make it rough, though! Blade had both Impulsion Beams nearly back-to-back. As soon as I’d taken out the first a replacement showed up, and I think I facepalmed at that point.

Friction had a couple Blinding Surges in rapid succession, which pretty much made the heroes start from scratch. She was the second to go down, after hiding behind Hippo.

At that point, I was able to Rest and Recover to keep a Thorathian Monolith in play most turns. Friction’s incap would just destroy it right before it would’ve gone away regardless.

MVP was definitely the Angry Mob with double Aggression Modulators. I can just imagine a large pink alien lady trying to rouse up a lynch mob using broken English, and convince them all the bad guys are vampires!

The last bit of double trouble came with knocking out Anvil to destroy the first Bastion, KO-ing him a second time, then having Blade play Old Tricks, New Allies to bring out the final Bastion! sigh

Anyway, I had just enough mitigation to keep all heroes up in the single digits (2 or 3 in Harpy and Chrono-Ranger’s case). The Unhallowed Halls finally came out, and that was the end of Hammer and Anvil’s healing and resurrection spree. One more round of rabble rousing and the Mob cleaned up!

Focusing on Sergeant Steel was at least part of what finally got me through it! :slight_smile: Also, not setting up because you know Friction’s going to wreck it, and skipping Sky-Scraper’s first power so you get both Monoliths. Having one of those up in conjunction with Rampage was a godsend.