Weekly One-Shot #284: Fight For Redemption

Or as I like to call it, “Uh, Yeah, I’m that guy!”

Team mode Ambuscade, Baron Blade, La Capitan, and Fright Train vs. Stuntman, Luminary, Black Spot La Comodora, and Freedom Six Bunker during the Time Cataclysm. Oh, did I mention it’s Ultimate difficulty?

Haven’t tackled this yet. I’ve played the same setup on Standard difficulty before, and it was hard enough that way. Chiquito is quite a pain with Luminary and Comodora discarding as much as they do. You can use Black Spot’s base power to your advantage to ditch villains cards, though. I’m not so worried about Fright Train since he’s going down first, obviously. Lingering Glamour, on the other hand…

Any strategies are appreciated!

P.S. Ended up with Mint - somewhat drawn out game, but not really terrible. Stuntman and Comodora down on the last round due to the Surprise Shopping Trip, with Luminary healed back to 8 and Bunker at 3. Takedown order was Fright Train, La Capitan, Ambuscade, Baron Blade. Baron didn’t get damaged until the other three were out. His -2 damage to devices is actually a godsend! Once you have a Disposable Defender, Luminary is nigh invulnerable!

All I know is playing Hidden Mine on turn 1 will end up nuking Fright Train. But I’m also not sure you want to do that? My first attempt was a slog that crawled to inevitable defeat, so I’m not sure what I could have done better. :confused:

I did the Mine to incap Fright Train before he could act, then my next focus was eliminating the darn space monkey before he could steal my cards. Comodora’s power to discard from Ambuscade on the first turn let me avoid Re-Volt, and Bunker put on his plating ASAP so he could tank. I think I used Regression Turret the first few rounds so Ambuscade and Capitan weren’t hitting so hard. Oh, and Concordant Helm was played first round (always taking Draw phase first for two cards). That helped Comodora maintain her cannons and figurehead.
I didn’t really play any Ongoings until Capitan went down, with the exception of Steal the Scene, Dramatic Cliffhanger, etc. that I wanted to be destroyed. Chronological Hotspot stayed out for a little while, and actually helped set up some more devices and stuff.
It got pretty dicey at some point with Luminary down to 1 or 2 HP, but his Repair Nanites helped patch him up after that. Omni-Blade and the dang Impulsion Beam stayed out far too long, until I could finally get a Timely Disruption to bypass their DR.
The environment was actually kind of helpful, until the final round with Surprise Shopping Trip once everyone was down to single digits with no mitigation for Stuntman or Comodora. I was frequently checking targets to see who the lowest or next to lowest was, and my devices made for very effective decoys (Thanks, Blade!).

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Luminary is definitely the MVP here; you need to get Repair Nanites and Disposable Defender out as soon as you can, and once you do the tanking gets really out of control.

I didn’t think of using the mine to take out Fright Train, so I worked a bit more slowly. La Comodora focused on discarding from Luminary’s deck (since Chiquito had already stolen a card from her at the start of each turn), and Stuntman burned through his own health at a good clip and died, giving extra card plays to Luminary. La Capitan helped us out by killing a bunch of Ambuscade’s minions with her area psychic damage, and the surprise shopping trip finished them off while Luminary and Bunker shrugged off its damage. They were the only two survivors, but the outcome wasn’t really in question once I had the redirecting DR active.

Luminary was also a bit of an MVP through the use of his Terralunar Transporter, which wiped the board of all of Baron Blade’s nasty devices.

Near Mint after an owch first game.

Second game I blew up Fright Train with the Mine as for some reason I thought it was just Advanced and not Ultimate the first time. That reduced the incoming damage significantly. From there, DR is the name of the game, with Stuntman, Bunker, and a helpful Baron Blade making the Disposable Defender have 2 reduced damage meaning most of the team was okay. La Comodora went down quick though.

From there, I was mostly just trying to stay alive and letting the environment do some damage. If everyone has DR and Surprise Shopping Trip comes out, the villains are in for some owchies.


Near mint, with Luminary and Bunker still up, after a blunder on my first attempt when I used the power on Disposable Defender, stripping Luminary of a solid shield. On my second attempt, it seemed to take forever to find that shield, but a couple of Sabre Battle Drones did some nice damage. Fright Train went down first, being a glutton for punishment, followed by Ambuscade. Swatting Chiquita repeatedly, I was finally able to down La Capitan - I never got a chance to put any of Luminary’s doomsday devices into action owing to her Anomalous Shift cards popping up everywhere - and finally Baron Blade. At the end, Glamour was the only villain card left standing.

Well, I’m not sure how, but this helped a lot. :slight_smile: It was probably Regression Turret that made the difference, though I never got to set off any Doomsday devices, thanks to La Capitan’s meddling.

A highlight was letting Obsessive Planning destroy Dramatic Cliffhanger, using that to draw and play the Usual Solution to get rid of OP, and then taking out Glamour with Stuntman’s power. :smiley: He didn’t make it to the end, but he certainly pulled his weight.

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