Weekly One-Shot #286: We Didn't Start The Fire

Challenge Citizen Dawn in Wagner Mars Base vs. Ra-Horus, AZ, XPW Tempest, and Fanatic.

Just saw this tonight, haven’t attempted yet. I always dread Dawn and her total board wipes, and this is setup to be worse with the base potentially taking out equipment, too. We’ll see how “fun” it is, or how evil, sadistic, cruel, etc. the creator may be…

Dammit. I could actually play this one and finally get my first non-Good cover, if not for my phone being FUBAR and unlikely to be fixed within a week.

Made it through on the first run by the skin of my teeth with only Fanatic standing. She threw Citizen Battery at Dawn before striking the finishing blow with her sword. That’s the climactic finish legends are made of. :smiley:

All I can really say is, despite having lost three heroes in quick succession, I never even sniffed an Aurora, so don’t be afraid to set up! (Also don’t spend too much time in the Meteor Swarms.) The main threat here is damage, from Dawn’s challenge rule, from Citizen synergies, and from Villainous Weaponry.

Mint with everyone mid teens or so, though I am not really sure how?

Nothing special, couple of early Meteor Swarms keep things quiet, then from there I never saw more than 5 citizens come into play. AZ kept the Self Destruct from going off while also blasting the area with Cold Snap, Ra dug for Flesh of the Sun God and kept it going to allow the Fire in Bio to stay in play, Tempest did tempest things, and Fanatic kept digging for environment and ongoing destruction.

By the time I was set up and had 4 citizens in trash, keeping Tears in play, Dawn was already half dead. From there, a couple rounds of Imbued Fire and she was toast.

Never saw THAT CARD or many citizens at all.


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Oh yeah, that wasn’t cruel at all! Mint at 5/0/6/2, AZ down to a Blinding Blast on the last round. 13 cards left on Dawn’s deck, with no Aurora in sight and only 5 Citizens ever played. The only part that got dicey was when Battery got down to 1 HP, and I had to get Tempest to throw him back on top of the deck just to make sure he wouldn’t get burned and flip Dawn.

This was actually a fairly straight-forward fight. The heroes won at the end of round 7, all hovering around 7-9 hit points and with Dawn never flipping. Now that I think about it, I don’t think Dawn ever played a citizen the rest of the game that wasn’t out on her first round.

I had plans going into this fight (Ra getting “Flesh of the Sun God” to counter Dawn’s damage when citizens are destroyed, or at least getting Absolute Zero set up to be able to do retaliatory damage if he got hit), and as is often the case, those plans never came up. Ra drew “Flesh of the Sun God” on his last card draw and Absolute Zero’s greatest contribution was skipping his turn round after round to destroy “Meteor Storm” cards or to slow down the “Self-Destruct Sequence”.

Ra was the big, big BIG damage-dealer on the hero team. I decided to just go all offense/forget defense with him. Absolute Zero played “Impale” on Dawn on his first turn and that was about the only damage he did all game. Tempest recycled some citizens in play with “Into the Stratosphere” (and also slow down Dawn’s deck to avoid Auroras) and shut down some citizen’s attacks with his innate power. Fanatic really wanted to make big attacks, but never got good cards. She finally got “Absolution” on her last card draw. However, her plays of “Consecrated Ground” was really useful (and Tempest let her play it twice with “Reclaim From the Deep”).

The only nerve-wracking issue was on the last round, when “Self-Destruct Sequence” had only one card under it, so it was “Game Over” if play got to the environment turn unless a hero skipped their turn. I looked at Dawn, standing with hit points in the low 20s and said, “I bet I can get her down before that happens”, and Fanatic (barely) did it. Yea team! It was quite the nail-biter of an ending.

My only regret was not playing “Imbued Fire” early on. I avoided this so that it didn’t mess up Absolute Zero’s cold-based healing, but bluntly AZ never got a Module in play (or even in his hand!). If I try this again, I might give that a shot, since I suspect all those +1s on damage would really add up. I also purposely left some of her citizens out (Blood and Assault), just to make sure not too many citizens went into her trash. Maybe taking them out earlier might be an interesting approach.

I guess the person who set this match up isn’t evil, cruel or sadistic at all!

Yep, playing “Imbued Fire” earlier was a much better way to go. The heroes won a round earlier and with hit points in the mid-teens (16/13/14/14 vs 9/7/9/9 the first game). Also the heroes took out more citizens when they had the chance. I think this worked much better.