Weekly One-Shot #304: "Impossible Quandary"

A typically topsy-turvy experience, but one featuring my single favorite hero card, so I ain’t complaining.

I can’t believe I didn’t think to get into all three of my actual forms during the Fixed Point (one during play phase and one with his power to play a card, while the third was in play from round 1). If I ever play this again, that will definitely be my priority.

This game has really cemented how much I dislike playing Setback, as he has so many optional triggers that you’ll usually want to say no to, but they happen constantly, and you can’t just say “always no” to them, since on rare occasions they’re crucial. Friendly Fire is the bane of my existence, and Uncharmed Life is usually also an irritant. In this case, it was a self-solving problem, as it let Setback get himself killed in a futile effort to save Luminary’s Devices (the scene writes itself).

Setback was more useful dead than alive, but there was a big problem: Playing Dice With The Cosmos was a face-down card, and the moment it came face up, Setback would lose us the game. Fortunately, the “good” Baron had a pretty full graveyard; he was one card short of firing his Terralunar Translocator, and in the subsequent round it was destroyed, but Technologically Stable got it back into play, and though he didn’t get to dispose of as many Conditions as I hoped, he was able to prevent the instant loss which was fast becoming inevitable. As a bonus he got to double up on his power and draw phases by doing a very Timely Disruption of Breaking the Rules. Thanks to playing this card twice, Luminary had so many cards in hand, along with a few in Wags’s deck, that getting another Doomsday off would have been impossible without some discarding or the like.

Super early What Do You Really Know made this a very unpredictable game, and of course with Who Are You Fighting, we couldn’t win without a trick of some sort. Fortunately, we had two such options. Natch and Stuntman beat Wags down into the single digits, and while the Lance-Flammes was on standby, the preferable cheat for WM’s deadman switch was Triple Cross. With both Luminary and Natch down to 4 HP each, I was very tempted to have the former kill the latter just before the win, but I resisted both that impulse and the chance to let Stuntman pull off one more grandstanding display at the last second.

I had a bad feeling going into this, but I needn’t have worried. I mean, maybe I got lucky with him never flipping Who Are You Fighting on his back side, but it was still a pretty easy fight. And yeah, getting the Forms out when Fixed Point showed up, that’s classic stuff. :smiley: I actually specifically skipped Croc though, just because of all the self-damage from the challenge rule. It’s easy enough to keep refreshing it on Naturalist’s turn.

Mint with Luminary down, Setback at 1 (though with a Silver Lining and 7 tokens), Naturalist at 8, and Stuntman at 17 (?!!?! I don’t know how either, beyond What do you Really Know hit the others and not him).

Flipped Wager Master first round and burned him hard before Who are You Fighting came back up. He kept bringing in Wagelings that I would blow up to flip back down. That hurt, but it did keep WAYF from coming back into play. It took longer than I wanted to burn him down, as Luminary got hit right before I could pull out a Death-Laser. Otherwise, Naturalist did work with the Predator’s Eye and Stuntman did Stuntman things. Setback got a couple Karmic Retributions, but they mostly went to the Wagelings.


What things were those? Doing his own stunts? I heard he does his own stunts.

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I defiantly got unlucky. 1st card he flipped for me was Who are you Fighting. I ended up using my classic Wager Master tactic of hitting my own heroes till they got even Health hiding behind indomitable force and Atlantean throne room and waiting for Losing to the Odds. Though all three forms on naturalist is always fun

Minted by reducing WM to 0, with heroes still in the teens. Once he got to the flip side I had good setup, and he revealed Unwise Wager which was very easy to flip back. Closest I came to losing was 1 card in Luminary’s deck, but turning “Citizen Dusk” back down on her face got rid of that threat. It was a combo beatdown by Rhinolope Naturalist and the roguishly handsome and strong Ansel that spelled the end of the Great Blue Annoyance when he didn’t have his -2 DR anymore.

Had to settle for Near Mint, because I was dumb and left all of Luminary’s cards in his trash at the worst possible moment.

On the second try, I flipped WM just so i could use the Terralunar Translocator to clear off those pesky face down Condition cards; after that, it was just a matter of putting enough damage on the little lunatic to finish him. Biggest hit was Setback with 13 tokens and double High Risk Behaviors playing Cause And Effect - but it was overkill by that time, despite the 2 points of damage reduction.