Weekly One-Shot #307: Scary Movie

It’s Halloween (or close enough)! The Cult of Gloom have put together a totally-not-fun-and-really-depressing movie showing at Champion Studios, featuring their favorite world-ender, Gloomweaver! Can FV Absolute Zero, The Sentinels, Omnitron-U, and X-Treme Captain Cosmic save the show?

Good luck Heroes!

Pretty usual Gloomweaver Mint for me. Sentinels at full and everyone else ~ 20hp with a win by beating down Gloomy. AZ got down to 1 several times due to playing fast, though carefully, with Thermal Shockwave, but that was the closest it ever got. Sentinels took care of zombies, Omnitron kinda tanked with a Temporal Shielding, but AZ and CC did work with blowing Gloomweaver away.

Also Sub Zero Atmosphere is quite nice against Gloomweaver’s Cultists, especially when Vast Following pulls out 2 or 3 of them.


Yeah, another easy victory; this would have been a Mint if I hadn’t used Undo without thinking about it (or noticing the Warning), for no particularly good reason. Had this been a Challenge game, it would have gone somewhat differently, but as usual for normal Gloomy games, killing the relics doesn’t even distract from the process of also killing Gloomy in case the relics don’t show up.

It annoyed me that the Cursed Acolyte started out, just because it meant AZ had to take fire damage before he could play a Transducer. Stuff like that always bothers me.

Magical MacGuffin is really nice for this version of Absolute Zero - use Pilot Light to get out a Coolant Blast, then activate it using the 3 fire damage you just took, and the next turn play Thermal Shockwave, burn yourself silly, and Coolant Blast all over again. With Doctor Medico on call, you can get pretty self-destructive and still walk away.

It amused me greatly to have Idealist fall in love with Mainstay. I can just imagine Wags writing the fanfic.

With a Cold Snap in play, Omnitron-U wasn’t having the Stunt Doubles sitting out there and potentially causing discards; Bio-Engineering Beam wiped them both out. I can only imagine what the union is going to have to say about this incident.

XPW Captain Cosmic is absolutely devastating when nothing destroys his Constructs. The amount of dakka reaches Warhammer 40K levels in record time; two Autonomous Blades on top of everything else meant a very short lifespan for Gloomweaver (even if he’d been Advanced). I thought it was a bit odd that even the Extremiverse version of a Briton would be so obsessed with guns, but imagining him as an old-school Games Workshop enthusiast (and perhaps a reader of the Judge Dredd comic books) helps explain why he would end up thinking to use his powers in this way.

Still hoping for a real challenge, although last week kinda qualified. Where’s Ultimate Voss when you need him?

The game is so stacked with what you need, that I think the only way to go wrong would be to miscalculate with Absolute Zero. I’ve played through a couple of times, and the environment deck never got past the Macguffin. Easy mint.

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Easy and fun, shows off why some of these heroes are great to play with. :slight_smile:

An ugly Mint, due to me starting the game at 2 in the morning, and playing half-asleep - I swear i thought Absolute Zero had a Null-Point Calibration Unit in play, and so he knocked himself out of the game much too early, leaving the remaining heroes to beat Gloomy down without his help.

Even so handicapped, the heroes fared pretty well - Mainstay protected the Sentinels while they did consistent damage, Captain Cosmic’s damage ramped up turn by turn until he fell to Timesavers attacks in the final round, and Omnitron-U alternated between Ablative and Temporal shielding and threw Rocket Punches, until throwing a combo of Singularity and Volatile Weekend for the penultimate attack of the battle, followed by the Sentinels, given three card plays by CC’s incap ability, ending the game with a Coordinated Assault!

I honestly stayed away from the game for a couple of days, and almost rewound, after my AZ boner - glad i toughed it out for the win!

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Even Glimmerracer isn’t immune to the power of autocorrect! :rofl:

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I can’t even figure out what was autocorrected. I assume it wasn’t a Voodoo Pin, so that pretty much leaves Skingloom himself, Cursed Acolyte, Ophidia, Death Ray, and the Zorrm. None of which start with T, so I remain confused (as I usually am).

(Edit: at least I managed to work out what Volatile Weekend referred to…)


What I want to know is what the heck is a Glimmerracer and why does my phone think I mean to say that?

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It’s obviously destined to be your next Sentinels RPG character. She’s a speedster with Dazzler or Jubilee-style light powers, who literally glimmers while she races.



My bet’s on Gloomweaver. (Timesaver)

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Ding Ding Ding! It is indeed supposed to be Glimmerracer :confounded: i mean Gloomweaver!


I think for Gloomweaver you don’t want a “ding ding ding” so much as a “dong dung doom” sort of a bell sound. Like old church bells that were designed to be intimidating in the first place, and since then have succumbed to the ravages of age in a way that makes them sound even more ominous.