Weekly One-Shot #308: Redemption Story

He’s BaaaaAAAcccck! OblivAeon is here to stop the villains turned heroes before they can redeem themselves! Can the former evildoers band together enough to stop the multiversal threat?

OblivAeon with The Primary Objective and Progeny face off against Luminary, Lifeline, The Harpy, La Commodora, and Akash’Thriya in Mordengrade, Fort Adamant, Nexus of the Void, Maerynian Refuge, and Champion Studios.

Good Luck Heroes!

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Mint (woo!) with an entirety of TWO scions defeated, 7 heroes lost, and 3 environments go boom, with beating down Voss after OblivAeon.

Being OblivAeon, games are going to be very different, so the usual advice goes here. Regular Tempest has a great incap ability of immunity to a damage type so you can avoid the environmental destruction damage. Legacy is great for Heroic Interception or Take Down during phase 3. Give someone like CR, Benchmark, or Stuntman lots of damage increases and power uses/card plays. Complete objectives to flip the shield, then big damage (or WWII Bunker’s power works well) to destroy it.

Personally, I got Lifeline the Apex of Humanity (lol), followed eventually by the Primordial Boon, so he was doing pretty well until OA switched zones and blew up the one he was in. Oops. I switched him with Chrono-Ranger, who really likes the extra damage.

A couple of weird plays etc meant that phase 2 built up more tokens than I would like with OA switching zones at inopportune times, so by the time we went phase 3 all 3 environments were gone. However, at this point CR had Apex, Boon, By Any Means, Ultimate Target, Base Legacy Galvanize, Inspiring Presence, AND Hunter and Hunted. So each card play or power use was doing upwards of 8 damage. From the end of Phase 2, through Phase 3, and through Voss, pretty much every turn was spent using an incap ability to feed CR plays or draws, which blitzed through Phase 3 and Voss within 1 round.


I hate how many things there are to keep track of in OA. -_- This time, I did a very good job avoiding getting tokens from having too few heroes in play, except I lost 17 by the time the game was over, in a loss, of course. Probably focused too much on trying to take Voss down early.

The OA one-shots are almost worse, because there’s no going “Oh, X is going to happen, so make sure you do Y next.” There’s too many variables that can change, too many things to choose from. I’ve beaten some of them before, but not all of them, and this one might fall in the latter category. :confused:

No Mint this time. Ignored OA and the scions in zone 1, which made the tokens stack up each scion turn. Couple that with him doing the energy zaps (OA deck card & phase 2 end-of-turn effect) that added 5 more tokens each time it missed the heroes. Didn’t help that Borr had 8 tokens on him when he went BOOM!, so that was a big ouchie! Anyway, once I saw he was gonna wipe out the whole world while still at 140HP in phase 2, I knew it was time to stop. May try again later and prioritize the missions to flip him sooner, then take out some scions so they’re not stacking up. Two in each zone gets out of control fast!

Well that’s not happening. I still have four other OblivAeon weeklies to get to before I can touch this one. And it takes me about a month of normal games before I’m ready to take on Big O again.

Second try was the charm! I think not focusing on Voss helped a lot. I also paid attention, when given an opportunity to bring a new hero in, to A) what Rewards were in their play area, to figure out who would benefit from them, and B) what the next Objective was, and consider who might have the easiest time getting it.

I brought Tempest in at one point, but with Apex of Humanity, he was more of an asset alive than dead. Akash’Thriya somehow lasted the entire game (well, not ‘somehow’, the Bloodstone was a big help with that). I nearly lost Legacy in the final round because apparently Oblivion Shard’s effect lasts even if your hero dies? That’s really dumb???

But once Voss took over from the big guy, I dropped him in a round somehow. The finishing blow was actually a destruction effect from Strangling Roots. That’s gotta be an ignominious way to die!

I need to try taking this strategy to the ones I haven’t beaten yet. Maybe I’ll get that Shield achievement at long last! ;_;

Yeah, I’ve been burned by that a couple of times. I believe since the wording is “in this play area” it sticks around, much like Ra’s Flesh of the Sun God power use still protects against fire damage for the round even if it gets destroyed. It applies the effect to the play area, not the card.


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If I’d realized that, I could’ve just moved him to the other battle zone and brought him back on his turn. He had like 4 HP at the end of the game, and that all happened before he got to do anything, lol :laughing:

Minted it with 7 scions defeated, 2 environments lost and 1 hero down. Spent a lot of the intial phases completing missions and moving between the environments, to either mitigate damage or evade the incoming destruction of Fort Adamant. At one point Lifeline had Cosmic Immolation, The Apex of Humanity, a Paradoja Figurehead, a Magical Macguffin and the Oblivaeon shard in play so his damage output was out the roof. So many power uses and so much healing from them.

Lucked out on a Bottom of the 9th and ended up with 4 oneshots in a row (one of which allowed La Commodora to play another one shot from her deck) and got the 5 card draw. Speaking of which La Commadora spent most of the game dishing out extra power uses to Luminary who appreciated the multiple uses of Regression Turret per round against Oblivaeon. And La Commadora having Omni-Unity was another big bonus in terms of damage capacity.

The only hero I ended up losing was Akash Thriya who sacrificed herself with a couple of As the World Turns to stop A LOT of villain card plays that would have been very bad news. Replaced her with Legacy who quickly got 2 Next Evolutions and a Lead from the Front out (thanks to a little help from the Harpy) which meant that when Voss eventually took over as the big bad, he did basically 0 damage. Guess he should have tried something other than Energy and Infernal damage.

The game ended fittingly with Voss at 5 health and Luminary with a Triple Cross in hand waiting to be played. Very thematic finish to a very fun game.

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Mint! And not only was it my first OblivAeon win, it was my first time even playing OblivAeon!

Harpy went down early and was replaced with Doctor Medico who did a fantastic job keeping the rest of the team safe with Immunization, but unfortunately he can’t protect himself with that and he ended up dying when OblivAeon destroyed the environment he was in. Fortunately by that point Legacy and Tachyon had arrived and they were able to block most of OblivAeon’s damage for the rest of the game.

Lifeline ended up being the only survivor of the original lineup and he finished off ObliVoss with the mecha-knight.



Impressive! What a way to begin your OblivAeon journey =)

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TIL you can apparently click on the victory screen banners to see which characters and environments went down?! :hushed: I only knew about the fallen heroes being shown during the credits.

I got it in my second try with 6 heroes, 7 scions, 2 environments down. Lost the starting 5 and Action Hero Stuntman, so all of the villains-to-heroes. Won with Tempest, BoT Chrono-Ranger, Grandpa Legacy, SADmark, and Dr. Medico.

There was frequent use of the undo button since it was a Near Mint attempt anyway. One strange interaction with Scion Faultless, maybe when Rend Minds and Souls was played. Faultless @ 1HP hits Benchmark, Countermeasures “destroys” and flips Faultless, his hero side continues to deal damage to Tempest. At least that’s how I think it went down. Just didn’t expect more damage since there was no longer a Scion in play to deal it. But like I said, so many undos I may be misremembering. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I had a similar interaction in a recent Vengeance game. Infecting an Heir made a vampire bite Citizen Anvil when he was at like 3 HP; left at 1 HP, he bit a bunch of other villains, then bit himself to death, respawned because of Bastion, and then continued biting all the heroes. Presumably the same rule is in effect for both of these situations.