Weekly One-Shot #313: "Villainy 501"

Second week in a row of not Minting. I’m not used to losing to these clowns, but Judge Mental makes Miss Info actually dangerous, Glamour is a big problem with Ambuscade and Magman, Ermine does two Long Cons which left everyone short on cards, and all three of these promo heroes are imo inferior to their normal versions. Oh, and kill that Battalion Brute ASAP. I expect I can beat it the second time, but it’s a lot more work than it should be. At least the music’s good…

Got it on the second try.

The first time, I made a couple of bad plays; tried to focus on Ermine early, which stalled me when she started dropping her defensive Ongoings, and forgot that I couldn’t Yell at the Scholar while he was defense’d up. Second time, I managed to kill Miss Info before the Adept died, then killed Ermine just before KNYFE died, and then it was an easy stroll as the Scholar kept blasting Ambuscade in the face until death.

Strategy suggestions: do everything you can to keep Iron on the Scholar, and remember that Miss Info’s deck-looping power is actually good for KNYFE, not bad. Track what’s getting dropped to the bottom and play based on that. AA yelling at KNYFE is good early game to get a lot of extra cards out and drawn, and if you have the defense, you can ignore the environment and let it build up targets for the Scholar to use to make his best card stronger.

My Near Mint involved a luckily timed Wrecking Uppercut throwing Judge Mental into the trash, as well as whittling Ambuscade down until his deck was empty. Glamour can’t come out to play if she’s in the trash! :slight_smile:

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Mint, with only Scholar left at 23 HP. First involved beating on Miss Info while everyone was up, then focusing on keeping 2 Flesh to Iron up no matter what! That makes Scholar invulnerable to everything besides a healed Desert Eagle and his own power. I took out Calypso before Glamour showed up so Scholar could keep his Ongoings in play. Then it was pretty much deck cycle for Grace Under Fire to blast Ermine and Ambuscade due to all the environment targets and Nemeses in play.

Yeah, no Near-mint for me either. Did a lot better, kept Scholar alive for a long time, but couldn’t manage to off Desert Eagle, and Ermine eventually took out my armor through sheer attrition, protected by a Subtle Diversion that arrived just before I was going to do her in. Also, while some lucky discards took out Glamour, I kept doing it too long and Ambuscade reshuffled his deck, allowing them all to come out again. Oh well. Time to try for the bronze.

Edit… okay, using approximately but not exactly the same strategy as before, I managed to get my Fine. I think the main difference this time was that I focused fire on Ermine and took her out before she could get too annoying (I think her last card play was the Seer but don’t quote me on that). After that I did in Miss Info, having long since lost Argent (I really hate playing a version of him who can’t Perform or even Accompany without an instrument), but not before hijacking Unshackled Destiny to keep KNYFE alive long enough to unload on Ambuscade. With both him and the More-Iron Scholar in low single digits, and both Glamour and Desert Eagle out, I was just barely able to finish Frenchy off. I still find it odd that his minions don’t keep fighting even after there are no character villains left alive; had the Slaughterhouse D6-1 kept at it, Eagle would almost certainly have managed to kill Scholar before he could get rid of Glamour.