Weekly One-Shot #317: Ultimate Showdown 1/4

Well that title isn’t ominous or anything!
Ultimate Heroic Infinitor (Front: Increase damage to Infinitor by 2 and start of turn, reveal top card. If manifestation, put into play, otherwise shuffle back in and all manifestations go to full hp, Back: Manifestations are indestructable and damage dealt by villain targets is irreducible and not redirectable) is making the Realm of Discord even more maddening! Can Dark Visionary, Fugue State Parse, FV Wraith, Black Spot Commodora, and Eternal Haka save the madman from himself?

Good Luck Heroes!

Mint with all heroes and Infinitor around 17hp. Didn’t flip him and won on round 4 I believe.

He’s got some scary Advanced and Ultimate modifiers, so keep those in mind. DO NOT LET HIM GET TO LOWEST HP WITH REAPERS OUT! He will go splorch real fast. Also you can more or less ignore the Eyes as the manifestations aren’t “destroyed”.

Otherwise, there is a ton of deck control in this lineup, so use it. I finangled the deck to always have a manifestation on top to keep them from healing, to the point of ignoring everything else. This allowed his AoE attacks to take out the low HP ones and keep them from getting overwhelming. The final turn, his deck was empty so the start of turn check did nothing, then his shuffled deck only had his one-shots and he blew the remaining manifestations away.


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Near Mint for me. The first time, I got the board set up but somehow forgot that Dark Visionary hadn’t actually stacked the deck to keep a manifestation on top, so all the manifestations healed and then Infinitor did a bunch of damage to everyone and flipped, and then I almost got him down to 0 anyway but he wiped my board with 8 HP left.

Second time was a lot smoother, with everyone at 10+ HP at the end.

Near Mint because I did a couple bonehead things the first time, like trying to put Twist the Ether on Infinitor after he flips and his damage is irreducible. <.<

But no, the secret is you can win during the villain turn, so long as Infinitor plays his entire deck or just enough damage-dealing one-shots. Use that deck manipulation, too! :slight_smile:

I really, really hate how fiddly Promo Infinitor’s flip side mechanics are; it could have just said “all players lose the moment he flips”, which is what it actually means, but no, instead I have to sit through five solid minutes of picking targets for Negative Energy Field while he plinks every target for 1 ten thousand times, before finally getting around to killing the last surviving hero with his 4-point megablast of doom.

A thing that isn’t obvious from looking at the text of his front-side challenge mode is that it’s virtually impossible to win this way, because every turn, he either gets a fresh 4-HP manifestation into play or restores all existing Manifestations to 4 HP; since he’ll always have at least one previous one in play, and has to have one at 1 HP before he damages it, the only possible way to win is to have a large number of Whispers of Oblivion or Machinations of a Madman all line up during his turn…and since he doesn’t count himself as a villain target, Smoke Bombs won’t save him from blasting himself for 3 every time, so this is extremely dangerous to even attempt (hence my loss). To say nothing of the fact that there isn’t enough deck stacking in the world to actually arrange such a circumstance if it doesn’t just randomly happen.

The trick with Heroic Infinitor is that once he has all his manifestations in play, which happens pretty quickly, he’s guaranteed to then loop through all his one shots constantly until you’re dead or all his manifestations are dead. Put a Twist The Ether on him and you can reduce all his self damage too.

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Well, got a Mint after all. Had dreaded even trying it at first, but this team had the deck manipulation needed to survive. Lost Twist the Ether to the Ghostly Images due to unfortunate timing. Got down to just one Hellion out, and thought I was about to be caught up in a loop of it healing, then being blasted by a stream of One Shots. Turns out Infinitor’s challenge effect can’t happen when his deck has 0 cards on top to reveal! Ended up with Maia and Nigel about 6 HP and the other heroes 10 or more.

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God I’m sick of picking targets and adjusting damage amounts up or down. Finally managed to win this on attempt 4 (could have been 3, but I did something wrong with Visi and kept the card I was trying to get rid of), but what a tedious nightmare slog it was. Definitely never playing this weekly again, and won’t be touching Hero Infinitor at all for quite a while.

Tangentially related to Heroic Infinitor:

Is he just a “hero target”? Was thinking of what you could do with Ra having Imbued Fire and Flesh of the Sun God. I doubt a villain card can be a “hero character card” regardless of the gameplay text, though.

The clarification “fireside chat” thread notes that he’s still a Villain Character Card.


Yeah, he’s weird. Something like Environmental Allies will work (hello, Dok’Thorath?), but not FOTSG.

Mint with the tried-and-true hide behind cocoon or mist form and wait for the villain to kill themselves.
This comic issue is while visionary is becoming dark visionary in her cocoon Infinitor visits the realm of discord then has a mental breakdown with nobody around him till passes out from exhaustion. A great victory for the forces of justice.

He has no ongoing destruction in his deck so stack the environment to not let Imbued Vitality to ever exist and you are set. You can take advantage of Mental Divergence to get Cocoon back and I kept Time Flies out for most of the setup so Infinitor delt double damage to himself and I could double play. Haka incap lets you play the cocoon Mental Divergence stacked and the others just let you draw more. Haka even had a shuffle a trash into a deck incap plus Twist the Ether and Demoralization its like the game was designed to do nothing and let Infinitor have a mental breakdown by himself in space.
Turns go destroy cocoon – play prophetic vision – bury Imbued Vitality - use mental divergence to put Telekinetic Cocoon on top from trash – Draw it back - play it on Haka incap. If it even lasts long enough for Imbued Vitality to be the only card in the deck then don’t destroy cocoon and have haka shuffle the environment trash. You have a 1/15 chance of losing

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