Weekly One-Shot #318: Ultimate Showdown 2/4

Or more accurately 1/2!
Ultimate Ennead (Front: Every one shot has all symbols, Start of turn put the next Ennead into play. Back: Increase damage dealt by villains by 1, every one shot has all symbols) have decided they don’t want to listen to Ra and his insane babblings about OblivAeon destroying the multiverse yadda yadda.

Can Setting Sun Ra, Legacy, Bloodmage Lifeline, the Scholar, and Dark Watch Mr. Fixer stop them from taking over the strategically important Fort Adamant?

Good luck heroes!


. . . Why do I have the feeling that Ultimate Showdown 4/4 is going to be OblivAeon? >.<

Anyway, Mint with Ra down, Lifeline at 10, and the others all around 20. They did not get a chance to flip, with the Training Facility allowing the heroes to finish off Nuit on the Environment turn. Ra was down because lots of plink damage from a nemesis will do that, and looots of his base power use. Pretty much the same for Lifeline, but everyone else was fine.

Strategy was to absolutely nuke them down fast, before they could all get out and start doing owchie damage with every one shot having every symbol + increased damage. To that end, Ra and Lifeline did work, blitzing down the original array of Ennead with Legacy boosted AoE damage. Mr. Fixer got out Dual Crowbars and whacked the higher HP ones down to size as well. The Scholar was starting to get set up for tanking, but never really got there before the end.


Mint on turn three.

Why do I feel like every time they use Setting Sun Ra do they want us to go ham till they die or we do. Legacy Take Down on turn 1 means they do absolutely nothing for a turn including more ennead. Scholar did nothing but set up stuff for fixer to break and Ra lived only because legacy took the last turn hits for him. I think this is the 1st time I ever had Setting Sun Ra alive at the end of an issue, and fittingly at 1 health.

Near Mint cuz I hecked up like a dingus. >.<

I seriously made so many bad decisions. Things like forgetting that, yes, I did want to use Overdrive this round, because I have an Infernal Detonator to blow up, but oh, I can’t actually kill Atum because he’ll have one health left. Why am I blowing up the Detonator then???

So much of this game lines up so well, though, it was really fun to play through twice. :smiley:

Well, I wasn’t expecting an Ultimate Ennead game to end up being an easy Mint, but it turns out that Legacy playing Take Down turns this setup into a cakewalk. So much AOE damage makes the Ennead go down fast if they can’t pull their super healing card or get Nuit out to protect them; thanks to Scholar tanking, albeit that this was largely a waste of his talents, I didn’t even manage to put Ra in serious danger, despite having stupidly picked him to get scratched by Tefnut at the start of the game. Fixer is a gorram death machine with even one Galvanize bonus; he killed two Ennead members in one turn, and then once the Training Facility showed up, it was all over. Even one bonus power would have made this match easy, but with FOUR of them (Scholar didn’t even bother), I ended up clocking 1-HP Isis for 7 and then 3-HP Geb for 11, so the seventh deity never even made it to the front door of the Fort. One of the hardest spankings I’ve ever dealt to any villain, let alone one of the normally fiercest fights short of Big O himself. Off to Groom Lake with you, Ennies!

I don’t know if I’ve ever beaten the Ennead on Turn 2 before.

(To be fair, it was the environment’s Turn 2, but still!)

I didn’t even need the Scholar to redirect damage. I poured out so much devastation so early that they never had a chance.

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