Weekly One-Shot #319: Ultimate Showdown 3/4

Its the Penultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny!

The Void Guard decide to take a break and have a fun day off. What could possibly go wrong following the White Rabbit at the Fair?

Ultimate Trickster Kismet (Front: Increase damage dealt to the hero with the Talisman by 2, when a Jinx enters play deal each target in that play area 2, when Kismet reduces a target to 0 or lower, play the top card of the deck. Back: Start of turn play the top card, when a Jinx enters play deal each target in that play area 2, when Kismet reduces a target to 0 or lower, play the top card of the deck.) at MMFFCC against Red Right Hand Dr. Medico, Road Warrior Mainstay, Cosmic Inventor Writhe, and Super Sentai Idealist.

Good Luck Heroes!

I still think next week is going to be Ultimate OblivAeon >.>


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Clean Mint with everyone ~15 hp at the end due to the stupid amounts of healing Void Guard Medico can do. Never used his base power, so lots of healing kept the one with the Talisman from getting too beaten up.

Nothing too crazy really, Mainstay starts with the Talisman so his first few turns were fiddling with Kismet’s deck until he got low. Then I flipped the Talisman and flipped it back before Kismet got a turn with it (and could do stupid amounts of damage), giving it to Idealist. By then she was at half health and a few rounds of Monster of Id and Karate Robot beat Kismet down. Otherwise Writhe’s power is super useful on whoever has the Talisman, Medico is funny with Shaky Arm as he reduces his own self damage, and Idealist is a damage beast if she gets set up.


As trepidatious as I was about this setup, it turned out to give you the right stuff to have everything fall in place. :slight_smile: I never even flipped the Talisman, because Dr. Medico and Writhe were able to protect Mainstay pretty consistently. Mint!

Easy mint, despite my significant fear of how devastating this version of Kismet can be. This Environment easily gets out of control, and Imminent Disaster can wreck stupid amounts of face, but she wasted it early, and with Writhe mostly counteracting her innate damage while she wasted her play on basic Glitches (Writhe took them all, and they only started doing anything in the late game, when he could afford to burn four cards a turn on Lurking Shadows + Umbral Spike with the Shadow Cloak in play), she only managed to touch Mainstay once or twice after the first turn. I alternated between healing and RRH with Medico, and my use of Idealist was suboptimal, as she could have easily spared some self-harm by keeping Monster of Id in play to power up her Karate Robot, instead of trying to use Form The Head. Mainstay had the worst cards early on, but all the others did great, and I completely ignored the Talisman while kicking Kismet to the curb quite quickly.