Weekly One-Shot #323: Line of Succession

This week, in a blatant power grab, Apostate tries to claim leadership of Mordengrad in the wake of Baron Blade’s “death”! Can Ra, the Wraith, and G.I. Bunker foil the usurper’s plot?

In my case they can, on the second attempt. It’s very easy for Apostate to get out of control with many cards salvaging others from the trash. I guess I should’ve taken the hint that the “Line” from the title is the Device Assembly Line and let it work in my favor. Wraith can use her Infrared Eyepiece to strategically ditch the really bad cards from Apostate’s deck.

For instance (spoiler)

On her third turn you should be able to put Apocalypse on top and avoid having the heroes’ boards completely wiped. Obviously I didn’t discover this on my first game and had no way to clear it before triggering. It all went downhill from there.

Also, Flesh of the Sun God isn’t going to be any good with no villain or environment cards dealing fire damage. Imbued Fire will probably do more harm than good when Wraith would be better off with her Micro Targeting Computer.

Apostate got around to cycling his deck once with the environment taking a little off the top each time. He went down right after that, and just in time - looking at single digits across the board for the heroes!

I had a relatively easy mint on this one, not finding it worthy of comment unless someone else spoke up. It’s a good solid battle, where I did indeed suffer an Apocalypse, but bounced back without much problem. Enough of a workout to be satisfactory, but not truly difficult.

Oh wow, kinda forgot about this one because, yeah, Mint. c.c I think I even lost the Wraith? It was at least interesting seeing what Mordengrad would do to Apostate, which turned out to be “make him easier” lol.

Wow, I definitely overthought this one… tried for damage mitigation the first two tries, when I should’ve been throwing as much damage as I could!

I always forget how annoying Apostate’s relics can be.

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I’ve tried about five times and failed each time. How does the environment make Apostate any easier? Once there were two tanks out, I was being destroyed by it.

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For me at least, the Device Assembly Line discarding the top of each deck helped avoid the Apocalypse (see the spoiler in my original post). It was much easier when my setup didn’t get ruined part way through. Don’t recall the details of this one, but as a bonus the Assembly Line may ditch some of Apostate’s relics or demons.

Did you prioritize getting rid of artifacts, tanks, or just hitting Apostate? I’ve tried all of those and none of them work. The worst is when I get rid of the darn sword and then it comes back the next turn. Also, I’ve found that just as I’m getting him down (flipping him, with only one or so artifacts), he runs out of deck, reshuffles, and then hits me with three or four artifacts.

How do you use Bunker? Plinking away, or using his base power? I generally try and load up the omni-cannon, but I’m not sure that it is a good approach. Also, I’ve been using Wraith’s stun-gun to reduce damage, but again, without a lot of success.

I should have said it last time, but welcome to the forums!

I haven’t gone back to replay this one-shot, but I’m almost certain I didn’t flip Apostate. So that sort of answers your question about focusing on relics vs. him. I probably used the Infrared Eyepiece along with the Assembly Line to ensure some of them never even saw play. For Bunker, I think I did make use of his innate power to bypass the damage reduction on some of the relics. As far as the tanks, I may have had a Mega Computer to mitigate them or just focused on them for a round until they were gone. You can see I ended at 8 HP across the board on the second attempt, so maybe not the optimal game but whatever works.

I managed to take Apostate down using your method. It was very nip and tuck, and all heroes were under 5 HP. The frightening thing was that he reshuffled his deck the turn I took him down, playing Apocalypse. Fortunately, he had no relics, and between Wraith destroying her toys and Bunker’s loaded Omni-cannon I was able to take him down. (I had previously gotten him to this point, but on his play after re-shuffling he produced two relics which proceeded to kill everyone.