Weekly One-Shot #325: Maritime Law

Akash’Thriya, Absolute Zero, DW Mr. Fixer, Sky-Scraper, and Fugue Parse battle La Capitan in the Celestial Tribunal.

The decks gave me everything I needed to take out the ship, the crew members, and the ongoings as they showed up. Sky-Scraper’s links gave Mr. Fixer the fodder he needed to put those crowbars to use. Easy mint.

Yeah, this was a super easy one. She didn’t bring ANY crew other than Trueshot, who isn’t worth bothering to try and kill, so there was nothing to distract the heroes from cleaning her clock.

I don’t even remember this one, so it must have been easy! XD

Fixed my screenshot above. LOOK at those HP totals! Pathetic, Maria!

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