Weekly One-Shot #327: A Connecticut Secretary in the Court of Countess Bathory

Oh boy, the references in this one! This must be the novel written by Aminia’s ancestor, Schmark Twain! And all the heroes as the cast of Schmooby Schmoo! :laughing:

Rough Mint here, as I got sloppy toward the end. Absolute Zero’s Violent Shivers led to him self-immolating when I miscalculated. Stuntman did a ton of damage, but couldn’t survive the retaliation. Setback went through both Silver Linings, but got Miss Information down just low enough for the Angry Mob to finish her off!

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Amusing as the blurb was, this was awful. D: I tried it once and refuse to again.

Did a Fine job on this one; it’s the same result I got on last week’s Dreamer fight, but they felt very different to me. That time, I tried once and almost succeeded, then tried again with a different strategy that also came close to working, and by the third try I was pretty sure I knew how to do it; I was always confident I could manage it in time. This time, I completely screwed up attempt 1 and had no idea what I should do; attempt 2 was a sincere effort, but I was so utterly devastated as to be left thinking the fight was totally impossible. Even on try 3, I lost Stuntman and Setback, then gradually also lost a third hero, before the last two managed to pull it off (possibly one of them going down right before the end, I forget offhand). This was devastating, and I was quite surprised that I was EVER capable of beating it. I thought this was probably going to be my first non-Oblivaeon Good result since I started doing all the new Weeklies (with maybe one exception, I don’t recall).

Also, I didn’t bother to count every weekly name ever, but I’m pretty sure this is the longest one we’ve had. That would probably have true even if they hadn’t screwed up the name; it should have been “in Countess Bathory’s Court”, to parallel the original title, but regardless, I’m pretty sure it would beat even such names as “Toccata And Fugue In G Minor”, or “The Curious Case of the Missing Socks”.

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If it’s any help, I didn’t suffer to leave all the Clues in play. Suspicious Malfunction for 5 lightning damage each is way too much. Likewise, I got rid of Misplaced Memo to avoid the 2 psychic self damage each round. So I waited around a bit for “better” Clues to show up. Once Parse got Extrasensory Awareness, it helped a ton to keep down the Diversions and stack enough Clues up to flip her. I also ditched Unhallowed Halls ASAP so Absolute Zero could still benefit from cold damage.

Since Parse will draw two copies of ESA, it’s well worth playing one of them when Missy is still in her non-target “destroy everything” mode, just to use the power one time and get rid of a particularly problematic card such as Missing Resources. Thanks to the shuffling, I managed in my third playthrough to ensure that Misplaced Memo never showed up; that plus a bunch of Ongoing destruction, saved for the rounds after she flipped to ensure that the sonic damage would happen only a couple times, really saved my bacon. Another good technique is that if Threat To The President is out, and will be resurrected by Insider Knowledge, wait to try and destroy it until Suspicious Malfunction is out; you only have to destroy Equipment that round to stop the Malfunction doing damage, you don’t have to destroy them specifically FOR the Malfunction. The fact that Stuntman’s Stylish Armor can be destroyed, fetch another Equipment from your deck, and play that immediately is also huge for dealing with this situation.

I believe AZ was the last man standing in my successful playthrough (with Nightmist also lasting a long time, despite having been forced to discard Mist Form and most of her other best cards); he’s utterly useless pre-flip since he can’t keep any Modules in play for a single round, but once there are some incap heroes to get him extra plays, and the amount of destruction slacks off a bit, judicious use of Violent Shivers with both Modules out makes him INCREDIBLY hard to kill, even if Missy lands a few boosted hits on him. Eventually I think I miscalculated and got him killed, but if so he’d done enough damage by then that Nightmist could finish the race.

That was the title I originally used, but I changed it thanks to a great suggestion from a commenter, to match the Scooby-Doo theme even more.

Thanks for assuming an intentional decision is “screwing up,” very kind of you.


Which Scooby Doo episode is it referencing? I know I remembered one with a title similar to that, but I’ve searched the original series and several others without coming across it. There are a lot of adaptations, so just wondered if you knew offhand which one this came from.

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I stand corrected. Not that familiar with Scooby-Doo. I guess it was the Scooby-Doo writers who “screwed up” as I see it.

It’s not referencing any particular Scooby Doo episode. Their episode titles very commonly are based on pop culture references, and so I was thinking of that, and Court of Blood reminded me of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. I adapted it as I imagined Scooby Doo would, and then another poster pointed out they also often make the title rhyme, and they suggested the updated title. It worked much better that way, so I changed it.

Nobody screwed up anything.

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Okay, I guess. We’ll just have to put it down to personal preference.

Yeah, I knew they had some crazy titles, especially back in Scooby Doo, Where Are You? I could’ve sworn there was one like “A Ghoul in King Arthur’s Court” or something, but I guess I was mistaken. I know the very first episode had to do with the Black Knight, so maybe I’m just making connections that way.

Anyhow, liked the title and blurb for this one! So good job putting it together, and also to whoever proofs them (I think you’ve said Christopher takes a look before they’re posted).

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Thanks! Christopher is not involved, but we run them by the beta testing team each week.


I feel like the Scooby Squad would have done better than I did, but it was definitely a heck of a ride.

First game I made a couple of mistakes and came into the flip with not nearly enough HP. Second game, I had everything lined up for Absolute Zero to explode Miss Information into tiny flaming chunks of ice, but that very turn Unhallowed Halls came out, and it turns out that when part of your plan is to ice yourself up 10+ HP before blasting someone else down 10+ HP, and you can’t ice up, the plan stops working. Instead, everyone died, which I guess was a respectable Plan B.

Third game I won with Nightmist at 3 HP and everyone else down, hiding inside a Mist Form and just throwing Infernal damage at Miss Info’s face while vampires chewed on her, desperately hoping that I could winnow her down before she blew up enough of Nightmist’s stuff that she fell out of her Mist Form. It was tight, but I pulled it off.

Got a Near Mint on this one! Absolute Zero was nothing but fodder for tossing out parts, Parse made sure I got the clues I wanted, and Nightmist sat in Mistform for quite a while once everyone else well down. Being unable to heal is really annoying…

Also, love the name! And love AZ and Setback as Scoob and Shaggy.

This one was the hardest I played in a while.

i Used a trick for this I had never used or even thought of before to save me a ton of damage. I used “Whoops! Sorry!” to destroy buffer overflow the same turn it was played. I did this right after suspicious Malfunction was played but before it dealt any damage. I did this knowing from my last loss that the 4th clue was next so that I could flip her a turn early and never get hit with suspicious Malfunction. Parse earning that nemesis icon (with a little luck)

I combined that with discarding the “Explosion” in the lab turn two and killing “Diplomatic” Envoy same turn so that i could revive explosion each turn at the cost of stuntman having no cards all game but she was flipped with heroes actually having health for a change.

One more thing i killed setback as fast as i could so that his incap could remove harrowed halls and allow nightmist and AZ to keep healing

took me 4 attempts to figure out the right orders but nightmist and AZ eventually sealed the deal with the others affectionately cheering them on.


Got a Mint from this. Some similiar strats as given above. Used Insider Knowledge every turn to bring back out the Explosion in the Lab. Which meant I never suffered the negative side effect of leaving What Doesn’t Kill You in play. The sad side effect of this was that Absolute Zero spent almost the entire game with 0 cards in hand. But his card draw was pretty terrible and he’s annoying in games with heavy Ongoing destruction so he was an easy sacrifice to make.

I also didn’t let Suspicious Malfunction stay in play because, just no. Waiting patiently for a ‘better’ clue to show up felt more in my favour. By the end of the match only Nightmist remained alive (at a healthy 25 HP) but pretty much everyone (except AZ) did a good job.

neither of these strategies is sufficient to win the scenario <.< I just keep losing heroes left and right with literally nothing I can do about it