Weekly One-Shot #328 - "Lemme At 'Em"

I was surprised to get an easy Mint against this many incredibly dangerous villains. Plague Rat and Bugbear are both alpha-level threats, Fright Train hits like a truck, and Biomancer is incredibly hard to take out, with only Operative as the weak link. My victory can be placed almost entirely in the Red Right Hand of Malpractice Medico, because he happened to start the game with Regeneration and draw another one within the first round, giving him two full rounds of firing for 2 at the end of every single hero and villain turn - that’s 44 damage across the two rounds! This plus a few cards from the other heroes, and some crossfire from Plague Rat and the Environment targets, meant that my usual strategy of killing Bugbear first worked effortlessly, and when Biomancer threatened a Mass Rebirth that would bring back his first two devastatingly dangerous Fleshchildren, I dropped everything and managed to take him out within one round. I’d have done a better job of killing either Fright Train or Plague Rat if I’d focused fire on one of them and ignored the other completely, but before long I took FT out and left the Rat at 1 HP, after which Guise’s final turn allowed him to finally play some of the cards he’d been doing nothing but drawing, and he effortlessly finished off the Rat while crushing the Operative’s last 8 HP. Barely broke a sweat in this match, a very nice change of pace from the usually-devastating VOTM experience.

Played like a chump the first time, but the Near Mint came pretty naturally. :slight_smile:

Picturing Guise as Scrappy-Doo, which I’m pretty sure was intended! :laughing:

Got a Mint on this, only really in danger of losing Scholar when he had but a single Flesh to Iron and top decked Alchemical Redirection while the Rat was rampaging. So he sat at 3 HP for a while when Regeneration forced a Red Right Hand power and locked out healing for a round. Guise ended up copying his buddy and said “Let me tank it from here!”

Biomancer never got to revive his children, because K.N.Y.F.E. kept blowing up Ongoings with her melee gauntlet. Took out Bugbear first before he could get too mean, Plague Rat next to deal with the environment targets, Fright Train before he could wreck anything, then Biomancer when his deck was empty because I wasn’t about to let all the fleshchildren come back, and finally Operative just because I hate her incap so much.

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Nice easy Mint!

Loved being able to do the Malpractice Medico with Regeneration and Guise copying him! That’s 6 damage a turn!

I love how OP Medico can be in Vengeance style.


Oh yeah. My mistake the first time was activating Red Right Hand on the first Regeneration, when Medico really needed the HP. Holding off until he’d had a round to get back into double digits and then playing another one, then activating RRH turned him into Doctor Murdico. :slight_smile: Having Guise copy his stuff was just icing on the cake.

Huh. I did activate RRH on turn 1, and Medico barely ever took any damage. I actually thought he wouldn’t be able to deal damage if he wasn’t able to heal, as with Scholar’s Mortal Form to Energy, but for whatever reason RRH works differently.

Yeah, I did it right away too. And did some damage early with Scholar playing “Get out of the way!” right after. Scholar also tanked a bit with Expect the Worst, and Medico made everyone invincible for a bit.