Weekly One-shot #330 - "Invernal Equinox"

My favorite core set villain in my favorite core set environment, no Advanced or Challenge Mode? Yeah, I wasn’t going to wait until Christmas to unwrap a present like that.

Stupid Wraith completely ruined my attempt at a Mint; twice Visionary set up a perfectly safe Environment turn, but nooo, Nancy Drew here had to get all curious and go Sleuthing, right into a Leaking Room or a Hallway Collapse on Citizen Truth. Between that and wasting her initial Grappling Hook on Luminous Leadership, Maia absolutely destroyed our first attempt; two Channel the Eclipses led to two Returns With the Dawn, Leaking Room kept Mental Divergence from being played and Blinding Blast then discarded it, Pillars of Hercules granted a free Devastating Aurora…it was freaking awful. The only fun part was seeing Truth and Dare trade places like four times, when it’s rare to see this happen even once in a normal game.

With foreknowledge of the Environment and Villain sequences, of course, this was a cakewalk. The Eclipses were promptly destroyed, Dawn never even got a fifth Citizen to allow her to flip, and the heroes took so little damage that it was easy to feed Dawn to the Kraken. She used an Aurora on her final turn, which was annoying, but she was at 7 HP and Haka had Rampage, so. Easy Near Mint.

The biggest kick in the bits about this one is that in spite of the flavor text, Citizen Spring didn’t even show up in the game where Dawn played half her deck. Handelabra should hire me to write these vignettes for them, so they would actually reflect how the game plays out.

No thank you.

Besides, there was certainly lots of healing in it. And that’s Spring’s thing (even if she isn’t always present).


Two tries led to two failures. D: I’m kind of at a loss for why beyond “you literally can’t keep cards in hand all game”.

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Oh no! I got a Near Mint, but that’s because I gave up on being savage and decided to burn some brains… And always used Galvanize, even if that’s all Legacy could do.

And not certain what you’ve done, but you can wipe out all the starting Citizens on round 1.

Definitely don’t see how that one’s possible!

Third time was the charm, though. Basically cheated my way through both the villain and environment decks. <.< Still almost lost Visionary, but that’s just almost. :slight_smile:

PW Haka is the key!

I can see how it would work:


Legacy plays Inspiring Presence and uses Galvanize, Haka uses Guardian to grant the effect of Haka Of Battle to Visionary, Visionary plays Psychic Maelstrom and one-shots Citizen Truth before hitting all other villain targets for 4HP, and Wraith finishes off Autumn and Blood with Throwing Knives.

But for me, at least, doing so made my second playthrough turn much uglier - luck of the shuffle, perhaps, since I used Brain Burn on Visionary’s next turn to prevent those citizens Returning with the Dawn.


Okay, luck must have been with me the first time around, because on my first attempt this seemed like an easy Mint:

But subsequent attempts at recreating my success have been…problematic.

Legacy played Inspiring Presence his first turn, and kept it in play the whole game, so everybody was hitting extra hard; somehow I never saw @$!#?&! Aurora; and Autumn was mostly harmless, since Wraith had the lowest HP for most of the game and had no Ongoings. Things were going so smoothly I even let Toxic Seaweed live for a few rounds.



I scored a Mint, but it was tight. Everyone had 5-7 HP left at the end, I downed Dawn with the Wraith, and there were five Citizens in play, so I think the whole team might have died on her turn.

Started strong; took out a few citizens, Brain Burned them to the bottom of the deck, got a solid setup and some deck control plus Visionary to pop all the Ongoings as they came out. I managed to drop the first Devastating Aurora to the bottom of Dawn’s deck, but the Font of Atlantean Power rapid-played through my Eyepiece and then Dawn dropped the second Aurora on her turn and wiped my board, then played Anvil to pull out Hammer and then things started going bad quickly. Just managed to eke out a win.

Definitely not super easy - barely an inconvenience.

Yeah, I ended up almost the same HP totals on the first try. Haka wasn’t very useful to me because he ditched his hand to get rid of the seaweed multiple times. Visionary kept destroying the bad Ongoings (let em keep Luminous Leadership for all I care), and put Twist the Ether on Wraith so even the Throat Jab was boosted projectile damage. After the first round or two it was just Eyepiece to bury the Auroras, then Razor Ordnance to beat Dawn down.

I saw Autumn, Sweat, Truth, Dare, and Blood. Didn’t really care about the first or last because like someone said Wraith was tied for lowest with no Ongoings. Blood couldn’t do anything once Smoke Bombs were out. Dawn finally ended up with 5 in her trash - probably a combination of magic lasers, falling hallway, and rampaging Maori warrior. I didn’t even bother burying her trash because by that point Wraith could just throw the kitchen sink at her and wipe her out.

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Accidentally clicked on this one again, and decided to go ahead and replay it before moving on to the older game I was looking for. I followed several of the strategies mentioned in this threat, such as wasting the healing from Inspiring Presence and having Haka ditch his entire hand on Haka of Battle to let Visionary kill Truth with a Psychic Maelstrom, after which the party relentlessly pounded the crap out of Dawn over about five more rounds.

Visionary Unleashed with Demoralization and Twist the Ether on herself is a terrifying wrecking ball, and one particularly cute moment was when Dawn made us all discard our hands, but there was a Leaking Room out, so we couldn’t have played cards anyway! (I made zero effort at controlling either deck this time, and just let the game play out as preordained, destroying a couple early Ongoings to keep Dawn from gaining too much momentum.)

As an added bonus, Twist the Ether let Visionary deal Lightning damage in the Leaking Room, which is not a thing I’ve ever seen happen before, even though Visi is on the card so I’m assuming this has been an intended card interaction ever since the core set was first produced! Playing the game since 2014, and I’ve never had that happen before.

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That interaction never occurred to me, although there’s a pretty good chance I had an opportunity to take advantage of it during my game…

Spoiler alert: you can see how I beat this on the first try in our new video about creating a weekly one shot. Creating a Weekly One-Shot for Sentinels of the Multiverse - YouTube

I wouldn’t say I played optimally, either!!