Weekly One-shot #331 - "The Long War For Giftmas"

Not a lot to say about this one, past that Fort Adamant was badly overdue to be used again. I lost both Guise and CC during a single disastrous round, but Scholar did his usual thing and was eventually able to grind Spite down far enough to pot him with a Turn Loose. I forget the exact details, but it was a reasonably fun game, considering Spite’s involvement.

Got it! Probably could have played more carefully and kept CC, but he burned himself out with his power. “Long” is definitely the proper adjective here, as I slowly chipped away with Truth Seeker and whatever Guise could throw at Spite. Scholar was invulnerable with 2 Flesh to Iron. Between those with Alchemical Redirection, Offensive Transmutation, and Guise copying his buddy there weren’t many rounds where drug-addled Spite could damage much. Now if only I had considered building up Scholar’s hand for a huge discard, I probably could have wrapped it up much sooner.

Two copies of Alchemical Redirection, no way to play extra cards each round…you should only be able to buy two rounds of safety, plus at least two more after a round’s delay each with Don’t Dismiss Anything. Did you have enough HP to survive during the non-safe rounds? I sure didn’t.

I had a surprisingly easy time despite losing everyone but Scholar by the end. Waiting until Spite flipped to open all the presents meant Scholar had all the cards, and then Guise could just copy him and have all the cards, also.

Captain Cosmic contributed precisely nothing to this fight. :B

I guess I got lucky with Giftmas presents, and wasn’t ever forced to Turn Loose and wreck my setup. Between Spite deck cycling for me and Scholar getting an extra draw from Truth Seeker each turn, I kept something for damage prevention/mitigation up almost constantly. Like you said, Scholar could fish for a spent copy of one of the four cards and immediately draw it for next round. Timing that with Guise playing Uh, Yeah! I’m That Guy! on the “not safe” rounds meant Guise was only tickled for 1 by Spite. Unfortunately, only one of each unique Ongoing effect gets copied, so just 2 DR.

Oh, and CC was some use, even after being incapped. Dynamic Syphons let me wrap/unwrap a lot more gifts, and Wounding Buffers actually damaged Spite on the rounds when he did hit Guise. He finally went down to his own damage from trying to hit an unwrapped fruitcake - er, beefcake!

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My luck was particularly terrible with Captain Cosmic, as I never saw a Dynamic Siphon after he died. It was nothing but Augmented Allies and Cosmic Crests and such, doing precisely bupkis and immediately being slaughtered by 2+2 global damage. I’d imagine maybe the shuffle depends on when precisely he dies?