Caps Lock definitely intended! Completionist Guise*, Action Hero Stuntman, Road Warrior Mainstay, Blood Mage Lifeline, and XTREME!! Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic vs. Spite, Agent of Gloom, in the Pike Industrial Complex!

*Your results may vary with crazy (make that crazy-awesome!) Guise power hijinks.

I swapped XPW Cosmic for Requital, then vanilla, before going back to XPW. Likewise, Lifeline went to basic and back. Only on the final turn did the scene-stealing movie star change to his tragically scarred counterpart. Pretty much every swap was calculated for Guise to use their power at the exact moment.

I flipped Spite’s first-instance armor drug at the beginning, but luckily this team has various means to ping multiple times per turn. His return cards to hand drug was actually pretty helpful to Guise, who by the end had plenty to do a couple rounds of Super Ultra Kawaii!! Oh, and of course armor on Stuntman, Mainstay, and Lifeline helped with keeping everyone up. A couple well timed healing vats didn’t hurt either.

A Mint! I was amazed I finished this with heroes up.

Guise was able to swap out each of his teammates at least once, so by the time he went down, he could grant full turns to them. And regular Stuntman really does not care about Spite’s shenanigans, for all that he also takes a ton of damage from using that great base power.

It was all about the retaliation, I think. Lots from both Stuntman and Energy Bracers, as well as the occasional Preemptive Payback from Mainstay, meant that one-time damage reduction was way less helpful to the big dummy.

Fairly easy Mint this week. After putting nearly every method of damage reduction the team had onto Mainstay, Leader of the Pack meant Spite was doing pretty much 0 damage to the team each turn.

The rest of the team pretty much focused on keeping out cards to be returned to hand (was sadly the first drug card I flipped up) whilst Xtreme Captain Cosmic benefited from the early game Requital spamming of his starter variant.

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No challenge mode or anything, so I figured that despite my having precisely one promo unlocked for these heroes (not counting Santa Guise, who I now belatedly realize would have been great for this match), this was going to be a cakewalk. And I was almost right. I flipped the bonus-damage drug, then damage for powers, and then Mind-Fyre; without his armor, he plummeted in HP, winding up at like 20. But my luck on avoiding his armor then ran out, and I hadn’t been keeping ahead of the unplay-cards drug, so armor and Victim kills kept me from quite finishing the job, especially when I risked Requital damage and hit it, not having mathed out that the damage-for-powers drug would finish him off.

Well, now that I know the order of drugs, this will definitely be a curbstomp next time. Completionist Guise would be more fun with more promo heroes, but even then I think I tend to prefer the original. Tough Choices is just a really hard power to match.

Edit: Yep, an easy win with non-random drug selection. Not just my usual “screwed up and had to retry” Near Mint, but an actual in-character rematch.