Weekly One-Shot #337: A Song of Time and Steel

This week, it’s Advanced Chokepoint listening to all the metal throughout the Time Cataclysm while Malpractice Medico, Harpy, PW Tempest, and Luminary try to dull her luster!

Luckily for this team, there are only three unique Equipment cards in all their decks, so not a lot of things for Chokepoint to corrupt/destroy. She doesn’t really have a good way to get rid of Ongoings, other than flipping them over. If you get Medico with his Experimental Medicine and Healing Pulse, play Regeneration, then use Red Right Hand power you can wreck her in a few rounds. Tempest with his Cleansing Downpour can make it happen that much faster. There were tons of cards from all decks face down in her area, but it didn’t really matter much by that point.

Advanced seems much more manageable than Challenge Mode. Overall a rather easy Mint, IMO. Helps to have a stellar team with basically no weakness to the villain.


Although it’s not effective, I think part of the thought is that she discourages discards on her flipside, which each of these characters use to certain extents.

This was ultimately an easy Mint, but what a tedious game! It just seemed like everyone’s best cards were buried way, way down in their decks. I spent a lot of Tempest’s and even Dr. Medico’s turns double-skipping to try and find something better. And of course, flipped Chokepoint stealing the first card Luminary discarded with each use of his power was super annoying.

But like you said, Red Right Hand saved the day. I took her out the turn I got Cleansing Downpour in play.

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Yeah, I think I had 20+ cards down in her area. It’s annoying, but not crippling. At least the effect isn’t cumulative! :flushed: Luminary never even got to use a Doomsday Device because I think they all got flipped down. Anyway, Medico dealing irreducible damage was all that was needed to pierce her armor.

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I got to use a Doomsday Device. You could say things went… All according to plan.


Ugly Mint, due to some sloppy plays and failure to pick up some of the cards that might have smoothed things out.

Luminary never got to call in a Doomsday device, as too many of the discards he needed got sucked into orbit around his opponent, but his Sabre Battle Drones got a few solid hits in. The Harpy and Tempest fared a bit better, as their one-shots whittled away at her - until Medico combined RRH, Regeneration, and Experimental Medicine in the final round to ensure victory, with the last blow landing at the end of Chokepoint’s own turn!

I love losing to CP because of her amazing villain theme song (probably my second or third favorite out of all of them). But I was kind of hoping that name would be more of an Argent Adept vs La Capitan in Omnitron 4 kind of a situation.

(The rest of my original post was my usual brand of unnecessary negativity, and for once I have opted to stifle it.)

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Experimental Medicine plus Red Right Hand will mow Chokepoint down with Regeneration. Even better with Cleansing Downpour (with Second Opinion letting you use it more often), and/or Consider the Price of Defeat. Even better if you have a bunch of devices with 3 HP each, including some Repair Nanites. Harpy doesn’t do much to CP directly, but Swift Summoning helps get other decks moving.

Yeah, won this one easily days ago, much the same way everyone else has done.

Managed a big finish on the replay with the help of Dangerous Vision dumping all of those 3HP drones into the trash…