Weekly One-Shot #339: Lava & Ley-Lines

“Technically it’s magma when it’s still beneath the Earth’s surface.”

“Shut up, Carmichael! Who invited you, anyway?”

This week, we have Ultimate Deadline in Magmaria vs. Ra: Setting Sun, The Scholar, and The Naturalist. I was beginning to think this was a little too easy until the last round when the big ouchie happened! Anyway, Scholar barely scraped by with 2 HP. After a few rounds of burning and croc chomping by his nemesis, Deadline was down to 10. Just enough for the incapacitated God of the Sun to go out in a blaze of glory!


Once I abandoned the idea of keeping ahead of the catastrophes and just embraced the damage race to get Deadline to zero before he destroyed Magmaria, this was pretty straightforward, with all heroes beating on him pretty regularly.

The usual quick and brutal beatdown on a villain who’s canonically meant to lose, especially when attacking the most harmless and peaceful of environments. Scholar did his usual Flesh to Iron thing, and the highlight of the whole match was him going triple Energy Form for a single round, that being the round where Predator’s Eye was in effect…6 damage to the villain definitely counts as Better Living. Lost Naturalist to excessive nemesis damage, as well as the tremendous psychological anguish of being a crocodile, but otherwise had basically no problem curbstomping the Edgelord Endling. Ultimate status in this match simply turns off some of your alternate approaches, making the process of usually winning a more straightforward one than it already was. I seldom feel that I’m in any danger against Deadline (which is a shame since he has my single favorite villain victory song), but I do still always enjoy trouncing him nonetheless.

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Had zero issues with this one and won handily despite massive trepidation at the start. :slight_smile:


I’m just happy I got to use my Magma Crystals twice. I feel like that never happens!