Weekly One-Shot #340: Impending Doom

Haka, Void Guard: Writhe, Santa Guise (???), The Southwest Sentinels, and Stuntman take on Oblivaeon with Borr’s shield (The Effusion of Pain) in the Realm of Discord and Omnitron IV. If I recall correctly, MMFCC and Nexus of the Void were two of the other environments, but I can’t recall the 5th.

This team was actually pretty decent for flipping the shield. I ended up getting Mr. Fixer set up with Dual Crowbars and the Mecha-Knight Ultra-Strike, so gave him every incap power I had. Turns out Mr. Fixer can thrive off hitting his own teammates if there aren’t enough Scions around.

Where the heck did you find Mecha-Knight Ultra Strike?

I could not for the life of me be in the correct place to get Oblivaeon to hit a single hero, all game. And I realized, the problem with Oblivaeon one-shots is that, once you lose a hero, your decision space increases exponentially. You can pick anyone, and unless you’ve gotten a reward that synergizes particularly well with a certain hero, there’s no right answers. Powerful heroes can fall immediately, terrible heroes can squeak by with rewards.

Point being, I tried it once, lost (almost killed all the Scions!) and am not trying it again.

I think I shuffled the Mission deck at one point. And seeing as it’s a set seed, it must have been just the right point.

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Haven’t tried this one yet. Just curious if you managed to keep the Sentinels alive long enough to damage themselves and help flip the shield. It is more hero targets, so that’s easier. I’ve found anytime :h: = 5 gives OblivAeon that much damage boost they rarely even live beyond the first round. HP in the teens isn’t gonna cut it when he can easily do 7+7 off one card.

Idealist didn’t make it, but I believe I got that to happen on Round 3.

Welp, don’t even have to ask myself whether I feel like playing this week…

I take it as axiomatic that, when you choose heroes at the start of an OblivAeon game (not applicable to weeklies of course), you should always have The Sentinels as one of the starter decks, unless H equals 5, in which case you should never include them so. This is because Heir to Nothingness always incaps a player unless the Sentinels are in use (we’re ignoring Homebrew decks, since the Cauldron adds two more multi-character heroes, and doubtless it’s been done elsewhere as well), but Tear Through Reality does 14 damage to all heroes if H is 5, and there are twice as many copies of that. All of this is of course ignoring the potential strategic benefit to an insta-incapped hero; you’d be paying for that boost with +1 devastation, but more to the point, it leaves that player wondering why he bothered to shuffle, so I consider it a strategy best disregarded in actual play.

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Alright, minted without too much struggle! Timing was poor on the shield, because the counter got to zero and flipped him to Phase 2 just before the shield would’ve been removed. Oh well, it went away regardless. Lost the original lineup plus Tempest, XPW Fanatic, K.N.Y.F.E. Rogue Agent, and La Comodora, chosen basically for their incaps.

Fixer eventually had Mecha-Knight, OblivAeon Shard, Crowbars, Riveting Crane, Harmony, and Bloody Knuckles. Not much can stand up to that for long! Action Hero Stuntman had the Hairdryer and his entire accoutrements. He finished off Voss just before Fixer landed the killing blow so they wouldn’t have to go into overtime.


I have utterly failed time and again. I can’t flip the stupid shield no matter what I try because Oblivaeon’s first three or four plays were all “Tear Through Reality”. The result being that when I split the heroes so that five are in the environment where Oblivaeon isn’t, he jumps there, damages them heavily (and usually wipes most of the sentinels), and then jumps to the other environment where three heroes self-damage, but the shield stays up. What am I doing wrong?

Your guess is as good as mine, I never beat it either. :B

No matter what I do I get hammered by the Tearing Through Time, and other cards which move Oblivaeon to either the zone with the most heroes, or the other zone (the one where I have the five heroes I want to use to get rid of the shield.

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this is like, half the Oblivaeon games I play, one-shot or otherwise :expressionless: