Weekly One-Shot #343: S-86 Sterilization Drone

For whatever reason the sentient AI Omnitron is interested in an ancient Egyptian tomb, and Guise is here to make poop jokes! Sounds about par for the course.

Starting lineup features vanilla Tachyon, but Completionist Guise finds her boring! She swapped through every variant in my game. Not too difficult this week. No Adaptive Plating or other major disturbances to be seen. Omni did wipe the board in his annoying way a couple times, but one of them happened when he couldn’t deal damage. Finally came down to a Lightspeed Barrage for 15 followed by Blitz for about as much, then Scholar Turned Loose and finished it off.

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Got sloppy, let an EPE take my whole team into single digits, and pulled off an ugly Mint, with only The Scholar and Guise standing at the end. The Scholar’s Mortal Form to Energy allowed him to take Omnitron out while healing himself, and Anubis and the mummies polished off the remaining devices to end the game.

A pretty standard, which means satisfying, Omnitron experience (he really is one of the better designed villains in his tough-but-unfair fashion). Most remarkable for the fact that I played both Tachyon and Visionary against him completely normally, not stacking his deck and not redirecting the Electro-Pulse Explosive, which I actually had to take seriously (like various Drones and Mummies, it ended up dying in the Spike Trap).

I had Guise shark-jump the Explosive by sheer luck in my game. That and him swapping Tachyon and copying her powers was probably his best contribution.

I had so many plans for what to do with Completionist Guise, and I never got to do any of them because I won too quickly. XD

I don’t think I ended up using it, because I was able to just completely prevent damage, but the Electro-Pulse Explosive is always my favorite target for Wrest the Mind.

I also was able to get a round in with Completionist Guise where I could put out a bunch of Ongoing cards and then use Visionary Unleashed power! It wasn’t super strong, but pretty fun.

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Yeah, the way for Visi to completely trivialize OT (other than stacking his deck) is Wrest on the EPE, preferably also with her damage negated (which Scholar can do in this match. Hence my satisfaction at not having to do it this way.

I went the easy way by turning Visionary dark, then Tachyon to her Super Scientific form, then Leader then Super Scientific again and settle with it.
Once happy, Guise went Santa for the end of the game.

What!? WHY!?!?!? Santa Guise is so incredibly slow to do anything useful compared to the base version. It’s not exactly a Tough Choice which version you should use, particularly around heroes that don’t grant a lot of extra powers.

I … I like Santa Guise. Don’t judge me !!!

The game was more or less already won thanks to Dark Visionary. And I love how Santa Guise brings presents and happiness to other Heroes.
I love playing ‘I can do that too’ on his first power : I imagine the other heroes watching him and thinking “What are you bragging about ? Of course you can do that, that is your own stupid power”

When I got Completionnist Guise in a game, my purpose with him is to get all the variants from other heroes under him then turn him Santa. Yeah … I know, not the optimal strategy. :smiley:

Here I took on myself and just got the team I wanted before Santa-ing him.


I mean, against OblivAeon, you might NEED Guide’s entire collection…


:astonished:Holy cow, talk about Completionannigans!

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