Weekly One-Shot #344 - "Get Into Jail Free"

Remind me again why I like playing Argent Adept? I mean, he got the job done, but good god the fiddlyness. Between him and Medico the team was never in more than mild danger, but man was it a long slog to get through around 200 HP (Pouch of Bones twice over) to finally take him low enough that I could ignore the secondary targets and just focus fire to do Gloomy in. Omnitron U can blow up real good when Second Opinion, Experimental Medicine, Healing Pulse and Regeneration are giving him multiple powers a round. Oh, you want to hit me for 5, Gloomy? Go on then, see how well that works out for you.

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It’s a weird team combination for a Skinwalker fight, if you ask me, but it works. A long game, but I never felt like I wasn’t in control. :slight_smile:


Yeah, just take all the time you need to get out your complete setup since Gloomweaver can’t really do anything about it. I just made sure to keep the proper plating out for Omnitron so his components only blew up when I wanted them to. Other than that, just made sure AZ didn’t burn himself out. Medico regenerated one time when he got down to 2 HP, but other than that everyone pretty much stayed in double digits.


Wow, so much healing with this team - with Second Opinion, Doctor Medico granted more power uses than Argent Adept, and that’s saying something! Despite all that, I got overconfident the first time around, and missed out on a Mint when Voodoo pins accumulated to an unsustainable degree and starved the Doc for cards. The second time around I made heavy use of Cedistic Dissonant to knock Gloomy’s relics off the board, freeing up lots of damage to break the pins and spank the cultists, and finished the big ugly off with a 31 point Coolant Blast and O-X’s 15 point Argent-boosted Defensive Blast.

I was also blown away by how much AZ loves Doc Medico’s Second Opinion - four powers in a turn easily, with each one feeding into the next, as long as he has the HP to spare? Yes please!