Weekly One-Shot #346: Orbital Bladebardment

PW Fanatic, VG Idealist, and AH Stuntman take on Freight Train, BB, and Miss Info in the beautiful Dok’Thorath Capital!

What’s really cool is this one-shot allows you to play the game as Christopher truly intended - with one play and no power each hero turn.

My fourth attempt ended with a great Stuntman game, so shoutout to the Green Grosser for giving Stuntman not one, but two whole free powers after he’d been building up.

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So is that a combo of Impulsion Beam and Twisted Reality? Haven’t attempted it myself yet. Sounds “fun”. :neutral_face:

Yep! I remember looking through the cards and seeing Twisted Reality, thinking “oh I actually don’t mind that card, it’s designed well so it makes up for the lack of powers”… and then checking Baron Blade’s play area.

Helps if you lean into it.

Eh? How would that have worked?

Very poorly, one might think!

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Impulsion Beam is right up there with my most hated cards. At least it’s not Advanced or Challenge, whichever gives -2 damage to devices. I guess you can skip a play to draw two, then play one card at the end. Lemons to lemonade.


That one was not easy, took me 4 tries and I still feel like I got lucky.
I dont have much good advise. I think I only used fanatics power once before she died due to Miss Information. I started with fanatic drawing and i went with big floaty head to get rid of the Barons healing early. Once Blade loses his resistances fanatic dealt most of her damage with Divine Focus which I rarely use in normal games but is a good suicided card.

Good luck to all you trying to beat this one.

Well I wasted no time losing this one, though it didn’t help that I was distracted waiting for a bus (which I apparently also missed). Paying a little more attention next time will probably help, especially since I know what’s coming.

Edit: Yep.

Very, very close game. Stylish Armor made all the difference, that and very carefully optimizing the interaction between Environment damage, Unshackled Destiny, and Blade’s Devices. Heroes at 0, 1, and 2 HP… always a fun ending.

Yeah, I don’t think Fanatic was meant to make it through this one. Got it on the first try with a well timed Dramatic Cliffhanger leading to In Media Res, leading to another Cliffhanger.