Weekly One-Shot #347: A Bit of a Stretch

What?! Guise engaging in shameless cross-promotion?! Who’d have ever imagined?!

This week’s game features Voss in the Mars Base, versus a starting team of Completionist Guise and Prime Warden variants of Fanatic, Haka, and Tempest.

Hopefully I remembered the name and order correctly, since I’m away from the computer where I played it. It was a fairly easy Mint for me. Things only got X-TREME!!! when Guise started to get bored.

Speaking of the promotion, it’s looking a little more likely to reach a stretch goal in the time remaining. To anyone who still enjoys playing this game, I’d recommend backing the Earth-Prime Kickstarter if you haven’t yet.

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Well it’s extremely easy for Product Placement Guise to shapeshift his fists into hams…

Normally I make it a point to avoid looking at the opening hands of downstream heroes when picking my opening plays. But I broke that rule to check whether Guise wanted to Do That Too on Haka’s power, and when I saw that Rampage, he and Fanny both took the Draw-2 turn so that we could avoid doing anything prior to killing Viktor. Might end up regretting it later, but it seemed like the done thing.

Of course I was dumb, failing either to save Haka an HP by playing Ta Moko first, or to make sure I cleared all Minions and then hit Voss for 5. But getting to borrow Prime Warden Tempest’s power and immediately play Total Beefcake, so the Environment hit Voss for 3…that made up for it a bit.


An uncomplicated, if not painless, Mint - the last Forced Redeployment hit hard just before the end, taking Guise out - but with only 2 HP left, Wrathful Retribution punched hard even through a half dozen minions, and a Haka Of Battle-enhanced Taiaha delivered the final blow.

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Ah, nice play!

I am just not good at keeping Fanatic alive. It was entirely her own fault she died though; having discarded Consecrated Ground in order to keep Prayer of Desperation on hand, and never actually played it, she could not make Forced Deployment happen before the Environment turn, when two Oxygen Leaks would have deployed the army right back where they came from. Instead, even without Vyktor’s leadership, the army of Qubrins, Piunites and Maerynians were able to take her down, but meanwhile the two-and-a-half men finished Voss off.

The Grand Warlord just doesn’t tend to survive for long against his nemesis, particularly when he fails to bring any ships or guards. Meanwhile, Guise managed to securely store all three Prime Warden promos, though he only picked up Fanatic after she went down. All told, a very satisfying match, set of course to one of my favorites of the Environment themes (third or fifth favorite, something like that).

For some reason, my attempt to get the Fanatic Blender going was stymied, and I really have no idea why. Probably should have reported that as a bug, oops. c.c

But it was an easy victory regardless. I forget the details, but everything else went pretty well. :slight_smile:

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I too am curious about this “Fanatic Blender” - does it chop, dice, puree and make julienne fries? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh, right! Personal jargon!

With Completionist Guise and Fanatic on the same team, you can use a technique I like to call the Fanatic Blender.

Step 0) Make sure Fanatic is on her Xtreme variant. You can now begin.

Step 1) Fanatic uses her base power on whatever target you want to utterly destroy.

Step 2) Guise switches her to Prime Wardens and also uses her power on said target.

Step 3) Prime Wardens Fanatic uses her base power, dealing 3 radiant damage to the target, getting a free card play, and giving someone a power use. (It’s better not to give this to Guise and just let him do his thing on his turn.) Bonus points if she has Sacrosanct Martyr out, that’s another 5 damage!

Step 4) Guise swaps Fanatic back to Xtreme, uses the Prime Wardens power, and repeats the above effects. Minus Sacrosanct.

Step 5) Repeat until victory.

But every time I had Fanatic do this, Kill the Spirit never took for some reason. Guise could do the one-two combo just fine. There’s video of my attempt here, around 13:30: Twitch