Weekly One-Shot #348: Dawn of the Revolution

Citizen Dawn attempts to fill the power vacuum on Dok’Thorath! It’s up to Xtreme Prime Warden Captain Cosmic, Ra, and Benchmark to foil her plans! Challenge mode: she burns the highest hero for 3 upon Citizen destruction. Luckily, Ra knows a thing or two about burning as well!

Not really bad. Got one Aurora out of the way quickly, and never flipped despite the environment taking out Citizens. Kill it with fire, etc., etc. 'Nuff said.


Yeah, this one turned out pretty easy, even if I did lose Flesh of the Sun God right off the bat.

Once I got Imbued Fire out, it was all over because Benchmark. :smiley:


Easy Mint. I had flesh of the sun god but I didn’t need it. She never even got to flip we just burned her down, literally. I imagine this being Dawn: “By the power of the sun i will burn you all” Ra: “Powered by the sun? ha. I am the Sun”

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I cut it a little closer on the HP, but had a similarly uncomplicated experience otherwise; the were no really problematic Citizens or ongoings to slow down an Imbued Fire-amped Benchmark, and the final blow, fittingly, was a flaming Staff of Ra.

The capital of DokThorath is apparently named Curbstomp City. Imbued Fire on a Missile Pod sounds like it would be rather unwise, but doubling all of Benchmark’s plinks made for a pretty devastating salvo. As usual though I got very little satisfaction from playing my favorite version of Captain Cosmic, as I couldn’t build up a proper barrage of cannon. I must remember to try him against someone like Apostate sometime.

Hard to amass a large group of 4-HP Constructs (or Citizens for that matter) when the environment just runs amok. I think I knocked out a Ravager or two just so they wouldn’t be wiping the board. Seems like it would take some extra plays and redirection to get a really good Xtreme cosmic energy gun barrage going. I still found him fairly effective once everyone switched to blasting fire.

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If the deck was randomly producing nothing but Thorathians and Orbital Bombardment, Cosmic Crest would make Cap the MVP of the match. Same decks, just different card order. Oh well.