Weekly One-Shot #350: Summer of Gloom

Actually managed to underestimate ol’ Gator-Tail last night; two Cursed Acolytes and two Toxic Sludges didn’t do many favors for us, and my carelessness had downed not only Golem Unity but the Adept already, but it was the Vast Following that brought Ronway back and did us all in at last, despite an impressive flurry of fiery punches from Tachyon which nearly took Gloomy down.

Naturally, once properly forewarned, we mopped the floor with him.

I forget how this one went (natch, didn’t even realize no one had posted a thread!) but I ended up with a Mint, so it couldn’t have been that bad. :slight_smile:

Yeah, was pretty easy, despite Ultimate mode. I still don’t think I’ve ever once seen him flip.

Ra went full on nova mode here and burnt down Gloomweaver without much fuss. Unity went down early on, but that turned out to be a good thing- giving Ra an extra power or card play every turn was far more effective that the bots she was putting out. Argent Adept followed Unity’s lead and made sure Ra was blowing everything up. Ra can get a lot of use out of Imbued Fire, Staff of Ra and Solar Flare when he effectively has 2-3 turns every round.
Expatriette and Tachyon focused on mobs and the few times an environment card or ongoing needed to be dealt with.

Mint here, not terribly difficult. Once Ra ignited everyone’s fists and bullets they could actually pound on Gloomy. Book was the only relic that came out, and a couple Hypersonic Assaults kept the villains from dealing too much damage. Golem Unity spent most of the game passing so she wouldn’t KO herself. There was one round with Flesh of the Sun God where she got to play a golem and not self-immolate. She finally got out a Platform and Raptor bot that ended up delivering the finishing blow.

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How did it never before occur to me that Golem Unity was in the category of heroes who get better when prevented from damaging themselves?

BRB, trying Ra with Imbued Fire and FotSG paired with Bloodmage Lifeline, PW Fanatic, Golem Unity, and Scholar of the Infinite.


I’d recommend using Setting Sun Ra and Requital CC, as well. Although Horus Ra might be better for getting the two needed cards early on.

Requital CC is broken enough, doesn’t need the help.

I only shy away from Setting Sun because he eats his own cards so fast. He’d have to be Emboldened to set up immunity for everyone and burn stuff anyway. Horus is probably the best bet because that’s a lot of fishing for cards to pull it off.

True, he’d just be stupid good if you can set up an army of fiery constructs that can’t burn him.

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Took him down on the second try (as on my first attempt, I forgot Gloomweaver’s relics are indestructible in challenge mode) - as others have mentioned, Unity couldn’t really get rolling until Ra located Imbued Fire and FoTSG, but once she did she was on fire - as was Tachyon, whose game-ending Blitz attack was charged with 11 Burst cards and +2 damage each, courtesy of Ra and AA.