Weekly One-Shot #351: Submerged Singularity

Cosmic Omnitron versus Prime Wardens Haka, TermiNation Bunker, classic Fanatic, and Freedom Six Tempest in Atlantis with a random start! Can you take down the rampaging robot?

Well, no. Apparently the answer is no. I got my ass comprehensively kicked twice in a row by the randomizer.

First I had just gotten my setup put together when I got a Leaking Room, after which Omnitron immediately dropped Flechettes and Singularity in the same turn, then the next two environment cards were the Toxic Seaweed and another Leaking Room. By the time I could actually start getting set up again the team was just too far on the back foot to recover.

Second attempt went much better, and I had Omnitron on the ropes at 6 HP with no devices in play, and then the deck decided to screw me over again. The team was a bit hurt but not bad, mostly around 12 to 14 HP. Environment plays Pillars of Hercules, which at the start of Omnitron’s turn makes him play Electropulse Explosive, and it’s still start-of-turn so it goes off instantly, wiping my team out. (Well, technically Haka tanked the hit with 1 HP left, but Omnitron immediately zorched him with lasers so it hardly matters.)

Got it on my second try, with help from an easier than average environment deck. Tempest pulled off Vicious Cyclone and Gene Bound Shackles, which made for some big spikes in damage. I did get lucky with Flechettes and Singularity both whiffing on turn 1 so my board state never got cleared.

This is a rough game to randomize.

My first try, Omnitron opened the game with an electro-pulse explosive and two distintegrators, and even with a Rampage I was only able to get it down to 4. Then Atlantis immediately dropped the Pillars of Hercules, which caused Omnitron to play six drones on its own turn, heal up completely, and take everyone to the 12-16 HP range. Then at the start of Haka’s turn Omnitron dropped another drone and hit me with sedative flechettes. At that point, we were at 7-11 HP, Omnitron was at full health with seven of its nine drones in play plus a 4-HP explosive, and I had to skip Haka’s turn to prevent even more card plays, so I just gave up and closed it out.

My second game, Omnitron opened with two Disintegration Rays that I couldn’t kill in my first round, and then Ruins of Atlantis played the Leaking Room two turns in a row while Omnitron double-played more damage-dealing cards. I managed to push it down to 40-ish health anyway.

Game 3 went much better, and I managed to eke out a win.

Oh yeah, I remember this one! Mint, but my final HP totals were, I believe 1/1/2/1. XD Damned close!

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Didn’t realize this was a random start; too bad, because my setup was amazing. Easy mint in part due to two Ground Pounds, each one buying us an extra round to kill an EPE, and two Into the Stratospheres basically skipping his turn by recycling a Component. This version of Tempest is normally not great, but he quickly found Localized Hurricane and used that to dig up the Shackles, which frequently applied twice on his turn thanks to plentiful attack One-Shots. Fanatic took all the damage for round 2 and had to Aegis; later Haka went down to 2 because of an Enduring Intercession played by the Font of Power, but by then it was over. COT never did Terraforming or Singularity, and the only Flechettes were on round 1, so we never lost any progress, and just gradually rolled over everything without breaking a sweat. Only Bunker had a relatively poor setup and didn’t contribute too much to the win.

Had to settle for Fine on third try, with Haka and Fanatic at 4 and the other two down. Leaking Room and EMP Explosive is basically a death sentence.

I think I hate Omnitron even a little more than Citizen Dawn when it comes to wiping the board. It’s got four cards vs. just two that can ruin your setup AND deal damage. This team really had no way to stack the deck and avoid them, either.

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Took me three tries to come out on top here (n.b. Pillars of Hercules is freaking DANGEROUS in combination with Cosmic Omnitron); Tempest’s Cleansing Downpour just barely kept everyone on their front side toward the end while everyone beat on the big toaster, until Haka finished the job with an Elbow Smash.