Weekly One-Shot #354: Disco Inferno

Anubis hosts the wildest parties! Time for a dance off!

Was worried about facing 4 Advanced villains, but this team has a LOT of damage mitigation/prevention/redirection! I got lucky with Ambuscade’s shuffles, because Glamour was the last card in his deck. The rest of the Slaughterhouse Six were already defeated by that point. I took out Greaser, Ambuscade, Anvil (because Bastion showed up by that point), Proletariat, and finally Hammer. I would urge judicious use of Galvanize if you have a Thorathian Monolith, otherwise the Akashes (Thriya and Flora) will beat up Sky-Scraper while they’re trying to hurt themselves.

This was one heck of a brawl! I came very close to winning, but was a little too sloppy with the Environment, and so Proletariat survived to his final turn with the last 2 HP that I had intended him to lose to his clones. Also it didn’t help that I failed to exterminate a Swarm of Scarabs. Overall this is basically Damage Mitigation the Team, with two ways of stopping the villains from playing cards, so victory should be easy to attain on the second try. But I’m definitely having fun; these have been awesome for several weeks straight now, after most of August had been a bit too easy to really enjoy. None of these fights are frustrating hard, just challenging enough to make a satisfying win, or a loss that motivates me to try again immediately.

Mint for me!

Between Sky-Scraper and Writhe, a lot of tools to make villains hurt themselves, which is the opposite of what Greazer wants to deal with. I focus-fired Ambuscade down right off the bat, then used Compulsion Canisters to make Glamour repeatedly blast Greazer’s hair and get wiped out. Once Greazer was down, I turned my attention to Hammer and Anvil, beating them unconscious, while using Writhe to redirect Proletariat’s largest melee hits back to his allies.

No one down, although Legacy and Sky-Scraper both briefly dropped below 10.

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Fairly easy mint, thanks to all the damage mitigation. The unexpected benefit here was the intense use of Akash’Flora, which turned into an extra power use for everyone every turn with the self damage being shunted to the other heroes. Legacy was the only one who held back, not using Galvanize in order to make sure Thorathian Monolith could soak up Akash’Flora’s damage and for when SkyScraper’s large form used her power to deal damage to everyone.
One of the few games where I took down Greazer instead of letting him feed and then walk away. Had fun getting Pompadour to deal damage to itself and having Greazer mess up his own hair in a fit of rage.

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I lost Sky-Sky and Akash, but Writhe came in super clutch and I somehow managed to eke out a Mint! I don’t know how, the game definitely looked lost more than once!

VOD: Twitch

Was still a struggle the second time; came very close to losing Akash, and Writhe really got screwed by Glamour while using Darkly Dreaming to wipe out Proletariat, but finally the last two Slaughterhouse Sixers weren’t enough to keep Greazer from bailing.