Weekly one shot #380: Sick Building Syndrome

Plague Rat is lurking inside Freedom Tower and it’s up to Freedom Six Tachyon, Parse, K.N.Y.F.E and Akah’Thriya to deal with the infection.

A very relaxed romp. I honestly dragged this out far longer than I needed to just to enjoy the easy stroll through the halls where all the characters could build up, play fun cards and not worry about Plague Rat. Eventually, I couldn’t hold back my punches any more and the game ended with the heroes well in control.


I was kind of amazed at how much damage I took considering this was a pretty easy fight. I think the only thing I could have done better was infect Harpy first instead of AZ, no idea why I did that.

Yeah, I did not end with HP totals anywhere near the OP. All but Akash were in single digits. That said, cleanest Plague Rat fight ever because I didn’t see a single infection! He always had help from Plague Locus and either Legacy’s Landing Pad or Entry Point so I still took a beating though. Until the last couple rounds when I drew the Hypersonic Assaults, but by then it was time to ice up the whole rat! :ice_cube::rat::100:

P.S. Wait, what? @TakeWalker, are we living in alternate universes? I remember the team being that from the first post, no Harpy or AZ. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::question:

Fun fact: this one-shot was different from what MigrantP played! Apparently something funky is going on as they work on stuff, but it should be fixed in the future.

I must be thinking of a different fight c_c This one was still easy

Straightforward fight, with plenty of damage mitigation between Hypersonic Assault and Strangling Roots, and K.N.Y.F.E. hitting harder than I’ve ever seen. Parse played a support role to help get the team rolling, and cleared up Infections before they could become inconvenient, and Lightspeed Barrage dealt more than enough damage for the final blow.