Weekly one shot #381: Fool Metal Jacket

A Challenging Chokepoint is making mayhem in the Maerynian Refuge. It’s up to Santa Guise, Termi-nation Unity, Expatriette and Void Guard Idealist to trounce this technological titan.

In theory anyway. In reality, after 5 attempts I haven’t even come close. I think my best shot came when the environment had out all the Squall-Guards and the Maerynian Lightning-dome to do 9 damage a turn. Which lasted until Chokepoint absorbed the entire environment.

No mints here- but I could use some mints to wash out the horrible after taste in my mouth. This is a brutal week.

Tried it once and will not be trying again. Challenges like this are horribly designed and terribly unfun, in my opinion (even if the entire setup was randomly chosen). If I’m playing a game I like, I want to be able to play the game.

I minted this one, just thanks to the luck of the shuffle. Chokepoint just didn’t do much the whole game, though there was one environment turn where an unexpected microburst killed a golem and Chokepoint kept re-triggering until she killed Unity.

Tactically, I just avoided deliberately destroying my own cards all game (no ongoings from Guise, no ammo from Expat, no using concepts with fragments under them, etc.).


My latesst attempt, I got her down to 10 HP before the environment gave me a choice of “die because one of these two cards is destroyed”. :frowning:

The strategy was, keep Idealist alive, and with Monster of Id out, use Karate Robot as frequently as you can. Have a third Concept in play so Monster has something to eat Fragments out of (avoid Strained Superego!), and whenever you use a power out of turn, have the Tiara put a Fragment under Monster of Id. Build up till you have enough cards under it that a Bored Now will destroy her. I got so close.

Made an account to share my victory over this monstrosity.
Mostly luck, combined with the Monster of Id/Karate Robot strategy. Two KRs and an additional feeder Concept meant that Better Punching was my MVP. I had enough Better Punching and other damage one-shots come out that I didn’t even have to draw Bored Now. I lived a little dangerously by putting out guns and was able to finish her with Unload.


Oof - challenge Chokepoint healing and hitting every time a hero card is destroyed, and four heroes whose play revolves around destroying their own cards! I’m going to have to think about this one a bit…