Weekly one shot #382: I Need a Hero!

We’re holding on for a hero until the end of the night. Or at least the end of Progeny. Stepping into the Time Cataclysm to stop the sinister scion is Action Hero Stuntman, Legacy, Freedom Six Tachyon, Luminary and Benchmark.

Despite misplays and misclicks, this one went fairly well, especially for a Progeny fight. Having a hero or two go down is not that devastating as Stuntman will happily take all the extra power uses and essentially get a free turn with escalating damage. He gets my MVP badge for this week.

I was surprised by how enjoyable this was. :slight_smile:

Very much enjoyed my go at this! (This was pre-update, just FYI. It is my understandings that all one-shots are now different due to the update)

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Well that’s a horrifying phrase. If ever there was a silver lining to the destruction of all my worldly possessions, it’s the knowledge that I’m not going to go into the phone on which I beat all but like 12 of the Weeklies, and discover that all of those Good covers I collected are now gone.

Yeah, I’m not certain how to feel about it. Kind of just the way of things, I guess. The update makes it work with SOEP, which is an awesome feature, but I’m curious why that made the one-shots change.

When you say different, do you mean that the random seeds have changed so things aren’t preset the way that they used to be? I’ve still got all of my collections logged, and I’ve run the update.

Yes, that’s my understanding. I believe they probably still use the same seed number (for those that are preset), but the update made it so that seed number correlates to a different setup.

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That is some crazy Fixed Point shenanigans you’ve got going on there. How the heck did you get Legacy down to -63?! Even with Lead from the Front, I can’t imagine Progeny dishing out that much damage in a single round.


The low level workings of the game changed enough that the same seed produces a different random sequence. So the games will have a different shuffle, etc. It has no effect on your collection.

Simple: I hit him!

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