Weekly one shot #383: Through the Looking Glass

Sentinels of Earth-Prime has hit, with Meta-Mind invading the Sentinels universe. Pseudo, La Comodora, Visionary and Chrono-Ranger: Best of Times defend the Wagner Mars Base from this extradimensional threat.

This was a new one for me, having never played Sentinels of Earth-Prime. I though Pseudo would be like Naturalist since he only has one form at a time, but ended up completely different. Similarly, Metamind is some sort of Voss /Mad Bomber Baron Blade hybrid- starting out by scattering minions everywhere followed up by a flip side that goes on a crazy damage spree. Nothing our heroes couldn’t handle, however. Visionary and La Comodora’s Ship-Shape synergized quite well and Chrono-Ranger did his usual thing, noting that Metamind’s flip side does not remove Bounty cards, which kept the damage high after starting the second phase.

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