Weekly one shot #385: Bending the Rules

Advanced Omnitron interrupts an important debate between Freedom Six Absolute Zero, Xtreme Prime Wardens Tempest, Ra: Setting Sun, and Xtreme Prime Wardens Fanatic. Perhaps he’s upset because they didn’t discuss how important technology was to the Fire Nation’s position?

Nothing too ridiculous here, though the heroes’ health was getting into worrisome levels. Quick tip (that is obvious to anyone who knows how to play properly) - Electro-Pulse Explosive is not a good target for Tempest’s base power. The team took some unnecessary damage thinking Tempest had negated that attack, though it was hardly a hidden assault- just my own failure at reading the cards properly.


Well, I was wrong about what the next game would be! Guess we’re taking a break from Earth-Prime for a bit.

But yeah, this wasn’t too hard. I got AZ killed because I couldn’t find a cooling unit so I just went full-fire and blasted everything, but otherwise it was an easy win.

Oop, all fire! AZ is my favorite AZ!

I think I Near Minted, and the deciding factor was playing Imbued Fire at all. Oops! All Fire! AZ is indeed a good time. :slight_smile:

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Managed to mint this one. Only won thanks to Ra’s Incap. Man that explosive thing is annoying.

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