Weekly one shot #386: A Moon Improved

Old villains and heroes fighting in a new locale. Miss Information, Ambuscade, Baron Blade and Fright Train square off against Freedom Five Wraith, Dr. Medico - Malpractice, Luminary and Dark Watch Nightmist. The battleground: Farside City.

Whoever ticked Dr. Medico off this week needs to apologize. He burnt down Miss Information and Ambuscade quickly before deciding not to go the full Absolute Zero route and backed off to care for his teammates instead. Wraith hooked up her Megacomputer to the supposedly technologically superior systems of Farside City and managed to stabilize their entire ecosystem, much to the heroes’ advantage. Nightmist kept true to her name and kept insubstantial for the entire fight, distracting their foes. And Luminary- well, he got to fire off a huge, frickin’ laser, so he walked away with a smile.


The real fun of this one was getting to experience a Farside City that can’t do anything to you because checks notes there are some computers.

Similar experience, but because checks notes you’re literally made of mist.

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Obviously the computers are helping to maintain all of the Presever tech.

But yeah, Farside is hilariously vulnerable to the Wraith. All of its hostile effects seem to be “small amounts of damage, but to everyone.”

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I introduced my friends to this cheese tonight, it was a blast. :slight_smile: