Weekly one shot #387: Up to Speed

Tachyon meets up with new heroes and villains on her home turf. It’s Argo the adaptive android against Super Scientific Tachyon, Johnny Rocket, Raven, Bowman and Lady Liberty admist Freedom Tower.

With this many heroes around, you’d think Argo would have more powers to acquire, but perhaps the AI couldn’t handle all the attention. Fairly straightforward with Argo kept on his front side the whole game and quickly taken down. And with two speedsters, quickly was the only way this fight was happening.

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I got stalled briefly because I didn’t deal with the healing imprints, which meant Argo was recovering 12 HP per turn for a bit and built himself up to a flip; as soon as he did, though, he collapsed.

I got cocky after using Tachyon’s turn to burn through a hilarious number of cards for Johnny Rocket, who benefits immensely from her experiments. I almost expected to get Argo down on Turn 2, but Johnny slowed down after that and Argo got his healing together.

this one-shot will teach people just what a broken, disgusting damage dealer Johnny Rocket is :slight_smile: